Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission provides a clear focus for all our work. Our values define how we carry out the mission. Our vision demands that we consistently and effectively live up to both.

Change dictates the ability to thrive. Over the next ten years Northark must anticipate and understand the environment that will shape education for the future and move swiftly to prepare students for successful careers. The framework below serves as a foundation on which to build and grow.

Our Mission — declares our purpose as an educational institution and sets the standard against how we weigh our actions and decisions.

North Arkansas College's mission is to provide high quality, affordable, convenient opportunities for learning and community enrichment.

Our Vision — the framework describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue growing.

North Arkansas College will be a premier institution, achieving excellence through innovation, technology, continuous improvement and quality instruction.

Our Valuesthe compass for our actions that guides us in accomplishing our mission. 

   Northark's values are CLEAR.