April 2016 Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2016

The Northark Board of Trustees met in regular session Thursday, April 14, 2016, in the Bennie Ellis Board Room on the South Campus. Chair Scott Miller called the meeting to order at 3 p.m. Trustees Kirk Campbell, David Evans, Bill Lovell, Matt Miller, Dr. Marcus Jones, Sara Jo Fendley, Jim Milum, and Jane Adair were present.

Northark personnel attending included Dr. Jackie Elliott, Don Sugg, Dr. Michael Wiggins, Dr. Rodney Arnold, Katie Vaughn, Jamie Stevens, Don Tomlinson, Kevin Somers, Cindy Mayo, David Zirkle, Kristin Griffin, Kristy Thomas, Brenda Freitas, Kris Greening, Jo Adams, Dr. Laura Berry, Ricci Dillon, Rick Williams, and Cheryl Keymer. Lee Dunlap and David Holsted represented the Harrison Daily Times. Rob Guthrie represented Entegrity. Boone County Judge Robert Hathaway was in attendance. Northark student Robert Warner and community member Chris McDew attended the meeting. Russell Larrimore was also in attendance.

Chair Miller recognized members of the Northark LEAD program and asked for Cherie Conner to provide a brief overview of the program. Cherie discussed the various program activities.

Approval of Agenda: Chair Scott Miller requested a motion to approve the agenda. Trustee Lovell made a motion to approve the agenda with the addition of an Executive Session after New Business. The motion was seconded by Trustee Fendley and passed unanimously.

Regular Reports:

Finance Report:  Don reviewed revenue and expense reports through March, 2016 compared to March, 2015. The auxiliary budget was reviewed which is projecting a positive year-end balance. He also discussed a very preliminary facility analysis of the North Campus, which indicated a potential cost of $9 million to build a comparable facility on the South Campus.

President’s Report:  Dr. Elliott asked Dr. Wiggins to share information about plans for the Construction Equipment Operation program. Dr. Wiggins provided information about not filling Don Tomlinson’s position and placing the program on hold to seek an industry accreditation and review the program. Northark student Robert Warner indicated that he would not be able to complete his degree and job opportunities that the certification allows. Judge Hathaway discussed opportunities for a potential partnership that would allow students access to newer equipment. After lengthy discussion, Chair Miller and the Board expressed consensus to move forward with filling the Don Tomlinson’s position as Construction Equipment Operations program director and faculty.

Approval of Consent Agenda: Chair Scott Miller requested a motion to approve the Consent Agenda which included the March meeting minutes and the replacement position of a Registered Nursing Faculty. Trustee Adair made a motion to approve the agenda, which was seconded by Trustee Evans and passed.

Monitoring Reports:

4.3Four Year Partnerships—Dr. Wiggins reviewed the number of partnerships that have been established since 2011. He reported that four year partnerships have increased from 32 to 76 over the last five years. He noted recent improvements including partnerships with the University of Central Arkansas and the establishment of a Cybersecurity program.

5.7Employee Satisfaction—Kris Greening explained that the Personal Assessment of the College Environment survey is distributed every two years and that the most recent data provided was from 2014. She reported recent and planned improvements to continue to increase employee satisfaction at Northark.

New Business:

North Campus Energy Performance Project: Don explained that the Energy Performance Contract proposed by Entegrity allows for the immediate replacement of critical North Campus Roofs, retrofits and upgrades with certain Lighting, HVAC and Water features and is totally funded and financed through allowed energy, maintenance and capital avoidance savings. He stated that The Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Director of Physical Plant and the Controller recommend approval of the project proposal. As for the financing component, it is proposed that college administration be authorized to negotiate and obtain appropriate financing through a Capital Lease, Loan or Debt Instrument with a term no greater than 15 years and at an interest rate no greater than 3.25%.  As for the financing component, the Board directed college administration to obtain financing quotations and to return to the Board with a recommendation.

Executive Session:

Chair Miller requested a motion to meet in Executive Session to discuss personnel. A motion was made by Trustee Lovell, seconded by Trustee Milum and passed. The Trustees met in Executive Session. Chair Miller requested a motion to reconvene in regular session which was made by Trustee Matt Miller, seconded by Trustee Lovell, and passed.

Board Comments:

There being no further business, Chair Scott Miller requested a motion to adjourn, which was made by Trustee Campbell, seconded by Trustee Jones, and carried. The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.                                                                                                                                                              

Chair Miller                                                                                     Submitted By: Trish Villines