August 2017 Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2017

The Northark Board of Trustees met in regular session Thursday, August 10, 2017 in the South Campus Library.  Chair Jane Adair called the meeting to order at 3 p.m. Trustees Scott Miller, David Evans, Don Tomlinson, R.G. Earnest, Sara Jo Fendley, Chris McNew, and Bill Lovell and were present. Trustee Kirk Campbell was absent.

Northark personnel attending included Dr. Randy Esters, Dr. Rodney Arnold, Tavonda Brown, Sarah Bing, Don Sugg, Sharla Hellen, Cindy mayo, Charla Jennings, Nell Bonds, Anna Edwards, Michelle Palmer, Annette Robinson, Mark Robinson, Lacey Vanderpool, Jennifair Ditmanson, Vi Sims, Micki Somers, Wesley Crow, Travis Harris, Maxine O’Brien, and Trish Villines. Russell Larrimore was also in attendance. Bennett Horn represented the Harrison Daily Times.


Approval of Agenda: Chair Adair asked if there were any changes to the agenda. There being none, the agenda stood approved.


Regular Reports:

Foundation Report: Dr. Arnold provided the quarterly Foundation Report. He noted that the Foundation’s net assets as of May 31 were approximately $6.9 million. He discussed the new Board members which include John Arthur Hammerschmidt, Anne Hubbard, and Pat Reed. He reviewed that the Funding Request Committee had committed $51,000 to three projects. He recognized Steve Turner and Steve Lair as the 2017-2018 Fund Drive Chairs. He also gave an update on progress for campus housing. He stated that a proposal for campus housing would be provided in the coming months.


Finance Report:  Don Sugg provided the year-end finance report for FY2016-2017. He noted that the year-end gain of $434,812 would allow the College to award the merit bonuses that the Board approved in June. Don also reviewed the FY2017-2018 year-to-date progress for both the general fund and the auxiliary fund for July 2017.


President’s Report: Dr. Esters reported an economic summary that indicated Northark paid approximately $9 million in salary expenses, $3 million in benefit expenses and $7 million in general expenses over the FY16-17 year. Dr. Esters noted that all faculty and staff were back on campus preparing for the fall semester. He reported that the second tax-free Saturday at the Northark College Store served 374 students, sold $144,798 in merchandise, and saved $13,032 in taxes. He stated that the College was projected a gain of approximately 460 student semester credit hours but had decreased in headcount by 50 students. He reviewed briefly the Campus Solicitation & Fundraising policy being presented for approval. He then asked Sharla Helen to discuss recent and planned changes in the library. She reviewed multiple efforts designed to increase student use of the library.  

Approval of Consent Agenda: Chair Adair requested a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. The Consent Agenda included:

the July regular meeting minutes, the Institutional – Fundraising & Campus Solicitation Policy, and approval of Jennifer Marshall as the College Store Director and Michelle Byler as an Educational Opportunity Center Advisor. A motion was made by Trustee Miller, seconded by Trustee Lovell, and passed unanimously.

Board Comments:

There being no further business, Chair Adair requested a motion to adjourn. Trustee Earnest made a motion, which was seconded by Trustee Miller, and passed. The meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

Chair Adair                                                                                                  Submitted by: Trish Villines