August 2021 Meeting Minutes

August 2021 Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees

August 12, 2021

The North Arkansas College Board of Trustees met in regular session on Thursday, 12, August in JPH conference center. Chair Miller called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. Trustees Debbie Johnson, Linda Pledger, Chris McNew, Kevin Cheri, R.G. Earnest, Don Tomlinson, and Sarah Newman were present.

North Arkansas College personnel attending included Dr. Rick Massengale, Richard Stipe, Micki Somers, Dr. Josephine Kershaw, Kris Greening, John Gripka, Melissa Bray, Paul Edmonson, Sherry Harris, Sarah Bing, Cherie Conner, Sharla Hellen, Tavonda Brown, Nell Bonds, Melissa Bray, Dr. Rodney Arnold, Brandon Cone, and Dr. Laura Berry.


Approval of Agenda

Chair Miller asked if there were any changes to the agenda as presented. There being none a motion was made, unanimously approved.

Regular Reports

Finance Report

In the E&G fund, Richard Stipe stated the unrestricted funds revenue for the end year of July 2021 was at $3.1 million.  The revenues are tracking the same as to previous years. Tuition revenue is tracking a less of a percentage for the month of July. The expenditures for the month of July was two million five thousand, 13% of the budget. The expenditures have exceeded revenues by one million ninety-seven thousand dollars.  

Auxiliary: Revenue for was $99,053 for the month of July and expenditures was negative $11,974. He pointed out the negative $46,000 on purchases for resale. He stated this was unusual, the college store had a good inventory of obsolete books over time. This year the College store had cleaned out of unused items, primarily books that resulted in a credit. Net gain for the month of July was $111,000.   

Richard shared information to the board about the summary of CARES Act grant awards. There are three categories: CARES (HEERF I), CRRSAA (HEERF II), and ARPA (HEERF III). He said the total remaining for Student emergency was $2,502,804, Institutional portion was $3,126,960, Strengthening institutions was $315,045, and Supplemental was $650,678, totaling $6,595,487. He ended is report with an overview of enrollment impact on tuition & fee revenue based on current enrollment.

President’s Report— Dr. Massengale shared the enrollment as of August 11, 2021 was trending upward.  The Headcount has increased by 58 students from this point last year. Student Semester Credit Hours have increased by ten from this time last year. Nursing program had their PN Pinning Ceremony and applauded them for their hard work. He congratulated Director of EMS, Jacob Williams for their Accreditation by the CAAHEP.  Dr. Massengale mentioned Northark’s new course, Broadcast Sports Media. Students will work on the sidelines of sporting events, announce games live, learn camera operation skills, experience in-the-booth announcing, act as a Director, develop skills in interviewing , and proudly partnered with the original KHOZ.  Art instructor, Cynthia Dollard, was recently featured on KUAF public radio located in Fayetteville. North Arkansas College has been selected to receive funding under the Talent Search Program. The grant will be in the amount of $755,016.00 for 5 years totaling over $3.75 million. We have the 6th largest program in the nation out of 398 ETS programs.  Dr Massengale ended the report with discussing information on the COVID-19 campus policy. He stated we have been fortunate, currently only one active case. He said campus modifications are fluid and may change based on the current situation and guidance from federal, state, and local health agencies.  


Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda included the July Regular Meeting Minutes, July 06, 07, 12, 13, 28  Special Board Meeting Minutes, Policy: Remote Work,  Replacement Position: TRIO Student Support Services Advisor (grant funded), New Position: Certified Nursing Assistant,  Reclassification: Dean of Students to Vice President of Student Affairs, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs to Vice President of Academic Affairs. Chair Miller asked for a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. A motion was made by Trustee Earnest seconded by Trustee Newman, and unanimously approved.


Monitoring Report

Kris Greening presented the Increase Employee Satisfaction report. Kris shared the recent and shared planned improvements: Safety and Security- COVID 19 policies, procedures, challenges, vaccine clinics, protection. CARES act monies for technology, projects, and students, updated classrooms and hallways, recent bonuses, pay raises, and communication.  

Kris shared the 2021 Pace report summary results. Kris said the survey was sent to 352 full and part-time employees with 153 employees completed, 56 items: 8 sections, and a Likert scale. The highest scoring question: The extent to which I feel my job is relevant to this institution’s mission scored 4.550 and the lowest scored question: The extent to which I have the opportunity for advancement with this institution scored 3.554. In 87% of the questions, Northark scored higher than in 2019. Kris ended the report with the next steps: present more detailed information to College Council and to employee associations, use information to make improvements; communication, supervisor training, Executive Cabinet, Strategic Planning, Professional Development. The next PACE survey will be Spring 2023.


Trustee Johnson moved to adjourn the meeting. Trustee McNew seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.