February 2018 Meeting Minutes

February 2018 Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2018

The Northark Board of Trustees met in regular session Thursday, February 8, 2018 in the Bennie Ellis Board Room on the South Campus. Chair David Evans called the meeting to order at 3 p.m. Trustees Scott Miller, Jane Adair, Don Tomlinson, R.G. Earnest, Kirk Campbell, Chris McNew and Bill Lovell were present. Trustee Sara Jo Fendley was absent.

Northark personnel attending included Dr. Randy Esters, Dr. Rodney Arnold, Don Sugg, Tavonda Brown, Ricci Dillon, Kris Greening, Joe Berry, Dr. Donna Wood, Dr. Laura Berry, Nell Bonds, Cindy Mayo, Jennifair Ditmanson, David Zirkle, Rick Williams, Katie Vaughn, Scott Howie, Sarah Bing, Charla Jennings, Micki Somers, Valerie Martin, Kristin Griffin, Melissa Bray, Julia Angel and Trish Villines. Victoria Rukoma, Northark’s international student and Wes Bradford were present. George Holcomb represented the Harrison Daily Times. Russell Larimore was also present.


Approval of Agenda: Chair Evans asked if there were any changes to the agenda. There being none, the agenda stood approved.


Regular Reports:

Finance Report:  Don Sugg reported revenue and expenses through January 31, 2018 compared to the previous year. He noted that the College has experienced 38,264 student semester credit hours through Spring 2018 enrollment. The budget was based on 40,221 projected student semester credit hours, which should be attainable by the end of Summer 1. Revenue is trending above original projections because Out-of-State tuition increased by 32%. There was discussion about various efforts that have created an increase in Out-of-State enrollments. Auxiliary revenue has decreased by $3,000 year-to-date. Auxiliary expenditures appear to have increased significantly over the previous fiscal year, but the difference was attributed to inventory process changes. The College anticipates that final expenses will align with the previous year.  It was noted that the College planned a negative auxiliary balance at the end of the fiscal year and that trends are being monitored.


President’s Report: Dr. Esters introduced Victoria Rukoma an international Northark student from Tanzania. He noted that Spring 2018 headcount was down slightly and as well as SSCH’s. He discussed recent marketing materials the College has implemented. It was noted that District 83 candidates Donald Ragland and Timmy Reid recently visited campus for a forum organized by the SGA. He discussed that Northark submitted the portfolio to the Higher Learning Commission on Jan. 29, 2018 and that an on campus visit is planned for Feb. 2019. He explained the new institutional conceal carry on campus policy and recognized Wes Bradford as the Northark Student Spotlight. Dr. Esters commended Trustee Lovell for his involvement with the Phi Beta Lambda and updated the board on the Library entrance construction.


Approval of Consent Agenda: Chair Evans requested a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. The Consent Agenda included: the January Regular Meeting Minutes and the Policy – Conceal Carry on Campus. The Consent Agenda also included the recommendation for Emily McGee as the practical nursing replacement faculty and curriculum modifications. Trustee Lovell made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda as presented, which was seconded by Trustee Tomlinson and passed unanimously.


Monitoring Reports: Joe Berry reviewed workforce development offerings in relation to Board ENDS—Workforce Needs. He noted that he has been working on a feasibility study for a workforce training center and the focus is on sustainability. He has met with local industries, businesses, schools, civic organizations, and created an Industrial Alliance. The Alliance’s first meeting included the determination of 5 priorities to address. There was a discussion regarding the College’s efforts to impact soft skills.


New Business:

Approval of Ellucian/Colleague Contract: Chair Evans discussed that the SIS contract had not been finalized and stated that a special meeting was set for February 13th at 7:30 a.m. The contract approval was tabled until the special meeting.

Appointment of Presidential Evaluation Committee: Chair Evans appointed Trustees Adair, Lovell, McNew, and Tomlinson.

Appointment of Commencement Award Committee: Chair Evans appointed Trustees Lovell, Earnest, Miller, Campbell, and Fendley

Board Comments:

There being no further business, Chair Evans requested a motion to adjourn. Trustee Lovell made a motion, which was seconded by Trustee Tomlinson and passed. The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Chair Evans                                                          Submitted by: Trish Villines