January 2018 Meeting Minutes

January 2018 Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2018

The Northark Board of Trustees met in regular session Thursday, January 11, 2018 in the Bennie Ellis Board Room on the South Campus. Chair Jane Adair called the meeting to order at 3 p.m. Trustees Scott Miller, David Evans, Don Tomlinson, R.G. Earnest, Sarah Jo Fendley and Bill Lovell were present. Trustees Kirk Campbell and Chris McNew were absent.

Northark personnel attending included Dr. Randy Esters, Dr. Rodney Arnold, Tavonda Brown, Ricci Dillon, Kris Greening, Joe Berry, Dr. Donna Wood, Dr. Laura Berry, Nell Bonds, Scott Howie, Sarah Bing, Charla Jennings, Micki Somers, Valerie Martin, Kristin Griffin, and Trish Villines. Debby Lafollette represented the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce Boone County Leadership program and George Holcomb represented the Harrison Daily Times. Russell Larimore was also present.

Approval of Agenda: Chair Evans asked if there were any changes to the agenda. There being none, the agenda stood approved.

Regular Reports:

Finance Report: Ricci Dillon reported year‐to‐date revenue and expenses through December 31, 2017 compared to the previous year. She noted that in both the Education and General budget and Auxiliary budget revenue and expense trends were close to the planned budget. In both budgets, the College is anticipating a positive year‐end gain.

Foundation Report: Dr. Arnold discussed the Foundation net assets were just over $7 million compared to $6 million in 2016. The Foundation revenue had also increased. He reviewed the upcoming Economic Update Breakfast, JPH Lecture, National Basketball Tournament, and Evening on the Plaza. He also stated that the Foundation was still investigating financing options and viability of Campus Housing.

President’s Report: Dr. Esters discussed Spring Convocation and the start of the Spring Semester. He noted that before the final drop date, headcount was down slightly and SSCH was up slightly. He discussed recent rankings the College received. It was noted that Rep. Jack Fortner had recently visited campus. He discussed that both basketball teams were having successful seasons overall. He mentioned that Daniel Cannon completed the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy and was now serving as a full‐time Campus Police officer. Dr. Wood reviewed the AQIP Systems Portfolio submission process. Dr. Esters reviewed the policies being presented for approval.

Approval of Consent Agenda: Chair Evans requested a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. The Consent Agenda included: the December Regular Meeting Minutes and the Policies – Academic Advising; Course Syllabi; Faculty Office Hours; and Continuation of Employee Benefits Upon Separation. The Consent Agenda also included the annual Certification of Solvency. Trustee Lovell made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda as presented, which was seconded by Trustee Adair and passed unanimously.

Monitoring Reports: Nell Bonds reviewed high school offerings in relation to Board ENDS—Access. She noted that Access aligns with the Strategic Plan objective 3.2: Enhance High School Student Opportunities. She reviewed the measurements and current status of progress toward the strategic plan metric. Concurrent and technical center enrollments were reviewed. She discussed recent and planned improvements.

New Business:

Appointment of Northark Trustee to NAPHE Board: Chair Evans noted that he had served on the NAPHE Board since July 2015 and intended to step down, since he is serving as Northark 2018 Chair. He appointed Trustee Chris McNew as his replacement.

Board Comments:

There being no further business, Chair Evans requested a motion to adjourn. Trustee Miller made a motion, which was seconded by Trustee Earnest and passed. The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Chair Adair                                                                  Submitted by: Trish Villines