July 2016 Agenda

Board of Trustees Meeting
July 14, 2016
Bennie Ellis Board Room

Call to Order — Scott Miller

Pledge of Allegiance — Scott Miller

Approval of Agenda — Scott Miller

Regular Reports

  • Finance Reports — Don Sugg
  • Foundation Report (quarterly) — Dr. Rodney Arnold
  • President's Report — Dr. Randy Esters

Executive Session — Scott Miller

Pursuant to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act 25-19-106 (c) (1) Executive Sessions will be permitted only for the purpose of considering employment, appointment, promotion, disciplining or resignation of any public officer or employee.

Consent Agenda — Scott Miller

  • June Regular Meeting Minutes
  • Replacement Position — CEO Faculty
  • Replacement Position — Welding Faculty
New Business
  • New Healthcare Programs — Cindy Mayo
  • New Workforce Technology Program — Cindy Mayo

Board Comments

Adjournment — Scott Miller