March 2017 Agenda

Board of Trustees Meeting
March 9, 2017
Bennie Ellis Board Room

Call to Order — Jane Adair

Pledge of Allegiance — Jane Adair

Approval of Agenda — Jane Adair

Regular Reports

  • Finance Reports — Don Sugg
  • President's Report — Dr. Randy Esters

Consent Agenda — Jane Adair

  • February Meeting Minutes
  • Institutional Policies — Academics (Academic Probation; Attendance at Commencement; Classroom & FT Faculty Offices Clemency; Concurrent Enrollment Admissions; Copyright & Fair Use Within the Classroom Copyright Ownership; Faculty Absence/Class Cancellation; Grade Changes other than Incomplete; Grades & Grading; Withdrawing or Dropping Class or Classes
  • Provisional Position Changes — NAPHE Grants
  • NAPHE Provisional Position — New Grant Position

New Business

  • Curriculum Changes & Modifications — Dr. Wood
  • Appointment of Presidential Evaluation Committee — Chair Adair
  • Appointment of Commencement Awards Committee — Chair Adair

Board Comments

Adjournment — Jane Adair