March 2018 Meeting Minutes

March 2018 Meeting Minutes

The Northark Board of Trustees met in regular session Thursday, March 8, 2018 in the Bennie Ellis Board Room on the South Campus.  Chair David Evans called the meeting to order at 3 p.m. Trustees Scott Miller, Jane Adair, R.G. Earnest, Kirk Campbell, Chris McNew and Bill Lovell were present. Trustee Sara Jo Fendley and Don Tomlinson were absent.

Northark personnel attending included Dr. Randy Esters, Dr. Rodney Arnold, Don Sugg, Tavonda Brown, Ricci Dillon, Kris Greening, Joe Berry, Dr. Donna Wood, Dr. Laura Berry, Cindy Mayo, Carla Jacobs, Katie Vaughn, Sarah Bing, Charla Jennings, Micki Somers, Kristin Griffin, Julia Angel and Trish Villines. Russell Larimore was also present.


Approval of Agenda: Chair Evans asked if there were any changes to the agenda. There being none, the agenda stood approved.


Regular Reports:

Finance Report:  Don Sugg reported revenue and expenses through February 28, 2018 compared to the previous year. He noted that revenue projections are trending to experience a positive year-end gain.  Miscellaneous federal income increased about $26,000.  He reported that the benefit to salary percentage for the year is trending at 33.5% which demonstrates a decrease from previous years.   The Auxiliary budget has experienced nominal changes since last month.  Although the Auxiliary revenue is currently projecting a $61,000 year end gain, it is unlikely the College will realize a year end increase after all expenses.  Don added that the President’s Cabinet is reviewing departmental budgets and plans to present the budget for approval in April.  He also reported that the Ellucian contract was approved by the Arkansas Legislative Council. 


President’s Report: Dr. Esters discussed, Mardi Graduation, an event that increased the number of graduates walking in graduation by about 50 students.  Forty four employers participated in a Northark Career Fair.  He noted that he recently hosted the Harrison Chamber Boone County Leadership participants on campus and other recent events.  He discussed the contribution to the community in about $1.3 million of Pell Awards.  He stated that the Great Lakes Internship Grant site visit was successful and that 23 students are participating in internships.  A video promoting the Career and Technical Center for high school students was viewed.  Dr. Arnold reported on the campus housing initiative.  Currently 3 companies are being courted for the project.  Bluff Stone offers an attractive package on ownership and should have their feasibility study completed by the end of March.


Approval of Consent Agenda: Chair Evans requested a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. The Consent Agenda included: the February Regular Meeting Minutes and the February Special Meeting Minutes and the Institutional Policies –Use of Facilities & Outdoor Space;  Academic & Student Policies – Administrative Drop; Non-Academic Grievance; Student Disciplinary Records; Student Financial Aid Programs; Student Health Issues & Accident Insurance; Student Record Holds; Student Right to Know.  The Consent Agenda also included the recommendation for Ben Kiracofe as the registered nursing replacement faculty.  Trustee Lovell made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda as presented, which was seconded by Trustee Campbell and passed unanimously.


Monitoring Reports: Tavonda Brown reviewed the Board ENDS Climate in relation to the Strategic Objective Enhance Service Offerings. She noted that the CCSSE report is done every 2 years.  The newest report will be tallied and in by August 2018.  Tavonda presented charts depicting student service offerings with data from 2016 that compared Northark to other cohorts. Northark is up 4.97% on academic advising usage and 14.4% on student organizations.  Tavonda attributes advising improvements to some of the increases in responses.  She also reported Pete’s Pantry usage and recent and planned improvements.


New Business:

Approval of Loan/SIS Package:  Don Sugg reviewed the proposal to approve a financing agreement with Equity Bank’s as a line of revolving credit came at a 3.74% fixed interest rate.  Trustee Miller moved to approve, which was seconded by Trustee Earnest and passed unanimously.


Board Comments:

There being no further business, Chair Evans requested a motion to adjourn. Trustee Lovell made a motion, which was seconded by Trustee Tomlinson and passed. The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.