March 2019 Agenda

March 2019 Agenda

Board of Trustees Meeting
March 14, 2019
Bennie Ellis Board Room

Call to Order — Bill Lovell

Approval of Agenda — Bill Lovell

Regular Reports

  • Finance Report — Don Sugg
  • President's Report — Dr. Randy Esters

Consent Agenda — Bill Lovell

  • February Meeting Minutes
  • Naming of the Allied Health Wing
  • Curriculum Changes Notification

Monitoring Reports

  • ENDS Climate: Access and Innovation (Enhance Service Offerings) - Tavonda Brown

New Business
  • Appointment of Presidential Evaluation Committee
  • Appointment of Commencement Award Committee
  • Exterior Insulation Finish Contract Award for Library - Don Sugg
  • Funds Transfer for Library Project - Don Sugg

Board Comments

Adjournment — Bill Lovell