March 2021 Meeting Minutes

March 2021 Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees

11 March 2020

The North Arkansas College Board of Trustees met in regular session on Thursday, 11 March in JPH conference center. Chair Miller called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. Trustees Debbie Johnson, Linda Pledger, Pam Henry, Kevin Cheri, Don Tomlinson, R.G. Earnest, and Sarah Newman were present

North Arkansas College personnel attending included Richard Stipe, Micki Somers, Sarah Bing, Ricci Dillon, Nell Bonds, Dr. Josephine Kershaw, Tavonda Brown, Dr. Rodney Arnold, Rick Massengale, Brandon Cone, and guest James White from Harrison Daily Times.


Approval of Agenda

Chair Miller asked if there were any changes to the agenda as presented. There being none a motion was made, unanimously approved.


Regular Reports

Finance Report—Richard Stipe shared E&G and Auxiliary budget activities through February 2021.

In the E&G fund, Richard Stipe stated the year-to-date total revenue sits at $11,011,181 and the expenditures ended at $9,908,375. The year-to-date total ended with a net gain of $1,102,806. Richard stated the revenue and expenditures are trending slightly higher to previous years.  

Auxiliary: Revenue for year-to-date totaled $1,096,596 which is 83% of the year. The Expenditures totaled $1,024,256. The year-to-date total ended with a net gain of $72,340. Richard stated budget planning is in process and currently the departmental budgets are being reviewed by the department leaders, deans, and supervisors.  The Cabinet then will review the budgets and bring the proposed budget to the Board during the regular April meeting. 

President’s Report—Dr. Esters stated we are down in FAFSA applications in Arkansas by 18%, however he is hopeful for the Fall semester. Northark is currently recruiting, campaigning, and marketing. He stated we are targeting a 10% increase for the Fall semester. ADHE announced the overall numbers for two-year colleges are down an average of 13.19%. North Arkansas College was down 3.8 % but ranked better than majority of the two-year colleges.

Dr. Esters thanked Magness Toyota for their donation of parts to NAC automotive program. NAPHE announced the renewal of the $625,000 Boone County Drug-Free Communities grant. Dr. Esters announced the launch of the mobile app that gives access to Canvas, notifications, directory, maps, news, myNorthark, Microsoft 365, Northark email, Northark Facebook, Northark Twitter. North Arkansas College has earned the 2021-2022 Military Friendly School designation.  The Vaccine clinics have given vaccines to nearly 3,000 community members. Dr. Esters commended NARMC and the Boone County Health Clinic for their selfless service.

Dr. Esters mentioned the CARES ACT funding disbursed $645,612 to 1,041 students. The overall CARES Act money was $2.8 million with $800,000 going toward the students. The Healthy Campus Plan Committee met and changes effective on March 29,2021 are as listed:

  1. Mandatory temperature checks at the entries will be discontinued
  2. Some classes may return to face-to-face classes if they (a) have small numbers and (b) can continue to offer the class via current delivery method c) requested by instructor and d) are approved by the VPAA.  
  3. All employees will return to campus. Exceptions made on case-by-case basis.
  4. Office personnel and administration will return to normal operations


Few Rankings:


  • #3 Best RN Program in State (top 10 recognized) (
  • #4 Best Online Community College in AR (13 recognized) (Guide to Online Schools).
  • #6 Best Nursing School in Arkansas (On-campus & Online) (Best Nursing Programs)
  • #8 Best Practical Nursing Program in Arkansas (


  • 3rd Best Medical Assistant Program in Arkansas (
  • 8thBest LPN Program in the Southeast ( Feb 1
  • #4 Best Small Business Management Program, 45thBest Accounting Certificate Program ( Feb 1
  • #1 Most Popular Online Accounting Undergraduate Certificate School in Arkansas (Business Degree Central) Feb 28
  • #1 Most Popular Online Entrepreneurial Studies Undergraduate Certificate School in Arkansas (Business Degree Central) Feb 28
  • 2ndMost Popular Online Accounting School in Arkansas (Business Degree Central) Feb 28


Dr. Esters stated the tuition and fees will not be increased. He stated all rooms will be Zoom capable and hopeful this will help with enrollment. Dr. Esters finished with the overview of two policies; Student Recruitment Practices and ITS Divisional Policy: Access Control.


Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda included the February Regular Meeting Minutes, February Special Meeting Minutes, Policies: IT Divisional: Access Control, Student Recruitment Practices. Chair Miller asked for a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. A motion was made by Trustee Earnest seconded by Trustee Newman, and unanimously approved.


Monitoring Report

Sarah Bing presented the Enhance High School student offerings report.  Sarah highlighted the Gateway course completion for concurrent students with a 95% completion. The course success rates for high school students for 2019-2020 was at a 90% completion which is above the 80% target. The percentage of NTC students who complete credentials, finished at 55% with a target of 60%.

 Sarah stated the non-NTC enrollment headcount for 2020-2021 hit at 348 students compared to 254 students for the 2019-2020 year. Sarah mentioned the online courses are at 52% for the 2020-2021 year. She reported recent improvements:

  • Huntsville School District & NCCC providing faculty for classes.
  • ACT 456 (Arkansas Concurrent Challenge Scholarship) implementation
  • NTC Signing Day Ceremony
  • Annual Partnership Luncheon held via Zoom

Sarah ended her report with planned improvements: Growth in classes in NCCC & Huntsville School District and Women in Tech Recruitment Training.


New Business

Appointment of Presidential Evaluation Committee and Appointment of Commencement Award Committee. Chair Miller appointed Trustees Neman, Cheri, McNew, and Johnson to the Presidential Evaluation committee. Trustees Earnest, Pledger, Tomlinson, and Henry were appointed to the Commencement Award Committee. Chairman Scott Miller asked for a motion. A motion was made by Trustee Johnson, seconded by Trustee Henry, and unanimously approved. 


Trustee Newman moved to adjourn the meeting. Trustee Earnest seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.