May 2020 Meeting Minutes

May 2020 Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees

14 May 2020

The North Arkansas College Board of Trustees met in regular session on Thursday, 14 May via phone, zoom, or in person at the JPH conference room. Chair R.G. Earnest called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. Trustees Kevin Cheri, Bill Lovell, David Evans, Chris McNew, Sarah Newman, and Scott Miller were present. 

North Arkansas College personnel attending included Don Sugg, Micki Somers, Tavonda Brown, Dr. Laura Berry, Melissa Bray, Dr. Kershaw, Rick Massengale, Ryan Hoffman, Aaron Bueg, and Rodney Arnold. 

Approval of Agenda

Chair Earnest asked if there were any changes to the agenda as presented. There being none, the agenda stood approved.

Regular Reports

Finance Report—Don Sugg shared financials through April 30 2020. 

In the E&G fund, we are right at ten months of the fiscal year. The revenue is down considerable with the State cutting the $332,000. The Y-T-D revenue is at $12,381,582. In compared to last year at this time, we are at 96% of budget. He pointed out we are down $501,000 with majority being state revenue. He stated the total expense of the budget was trending at 81 % of budget and noted we are ahead from where we were this time last year. Don pointed out in expenditures; salaries and benefits are down from this point last year.

Auxiliary: The net gain is at $773.00 and is about equivalent to last year at this time. Don mentioned the proposed activity fee should help to stabilize. Purchase for Resale is slightly up from the prior year at $846,188. Don commended the College store employees, Jennifer and Savannah for their diligent work to provide services to our students during this pandemic. 

President’s Report—Dr. Esters informed the group that we are moving toward progress. Our summer semester begins May 26 and Summer II classes will begin June 30th with online courses available. Last board meeting the approval for the re-roofing took place and Harness roofing planned on starting the process on Monday, but rain has delayed it a few days. Dr. Esters stated the first batch of the Cares Act money of $264,000 went out to our students.  We are going to hold back about 15% of the money for spring semester to help students on a case by case matter. He discussed the free courses available for the dislocated worker. Dr. Esters discussed the immigrated partnership with the technical center with Carroll County C4 Center in Leslie. Dr.Esters gave appreciated over KY3’s piece on the EMT program. He then informed the group of Northark’ s phase one process of bringing employees back to work, but still keeping the social distance and continuing to keep employees busy with tasks. He strongly encourages employees and guests to wear masks. He ended the report by giving gratitude to the employees of Northark on their hard work to keep the college running smoothly. 

Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda included the April Regular Meeting Minutes, April Special Board Meeting minutes, and May Special Meeting minutes. Associates of Science Degree in Cybersecurity, Associates of Applied Science in Data Science, and Technical Certificate in Computer Programming. Approve Extension of Strategic Plan “Vision 2020”, and Provisional (grant-funded) Position Continuation Request. Chair Earnest asked for a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. A motion was made by Trustee Lovell, seconded by Trustee Miller, and unanimously approved.

Monitoring Report

Tavonda Brown informed the group of the statistics of the student survey. 79.91% agree or strongly agree that the instructors effectively altered the course material to fit the sudden transition and 89.58% agree or strongly agree that the instructors were responsive to questions and learning needs. Tavonda presented a list of instructors that were recognized by students and that 84.02% agree or strongly agree the communication from the college about the transition was sufficient. She listed the resources offered to the students. She applauded the Student services departments for their hard work to keep communication with our students.  Outreach efforts consisted of phone calls, social media, emails, Pioneer Strong Grant, radio ads, print ads, Google ad words, scheduling tours, and continuing the communication with high school counselors. 

Ryan Hoffman discussed with the group the monitoring report covering quality (technology) infrastructure.  He listed the infrastructure with the Strategic Plan year, Measurement Timeframe, and Northark.  Infrastructure components are categorized into three area and evaluated by age to determine whether or not they are up-to-date. The three areas are infrastructure hardware (servers, switches, etc.), end-user computers, and end-user computer operation systems. Ryan pointed out the Access and Affordability area of the technology and innovation, mentioning PACE item 47 ask employees to respond to the statement, “The extent to which the college’s technology tools allow me to meet my job responsibilities efficiently.” Based on the results from last year’s survey, we have rebounded and are improving in this area. Ryan finished the report with a list of recent and planned improvements. A few being the completion of lab upgrades and many office computers with Solid State hard drives, planning for the finalization of the SIS integration, and the increase of number of Zoom capable rooms. 

New Business

Chair Earnest asked for a motion to approve the first New Business item; Approve Activity Fee and Student Services Fee Increase New Business. A motion was made by Trustee Lovell, seconded by Trustee Newman, and unanimously approved. 

Chair Earnest asked for a motion to approve the second New Business item; Proposed FY2020-2021 Operating & Capital. A motion was made by Trustee Newman, seconded by Trustee Lovell, and unanimously approved. 

Chair Earnest asked a motion to approve the third New Business item; Water Line & Utility Easement. A motion was made by Trustee Lovell, seconded by Trustee Miller, and unanimously approved. 

Trustee Lovell moved to adjourn the meeting. Trustee Newman seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.