Know Title IX

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal Financial assistance."

Nine Things to Know About Title IX
  1. Title IX is a landmark federal civil right that prohibits sex discrimination in education.
  2. Title IX does not apply to female students only
  3. Schools must be proactive in ensuring that your campus is free of sex discrimination.
  4. Schools must have an established procedure for handling complaints of sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence.
  5. Schools must take immediate action to ensure a complainant-victim can continue their education free of ongoing sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual violence.
  6. Schools may not retaliate against sometime filing a complaint and must keep complainant-victim safe from other retaliatory harassment behavior.
  7. Schools can issue a no contact directive under Title IX to prevent the accused student from approaching or interacting with you.
  8. In cases of sexual violence, schools are prohibited from encouraging or allowing mediation (rather than a formal hearing) of the complaint.
  9. Schools cannot discourse you from continuing your education since you have a right to education under Title IX.
Title IX Contacts at Northark

Title IX Coordinator — Doug Gere, 870-391-3204

Title IX Deputy Coordinators — Kris Greening, 870-391-3215, Kim Brecklein, 870-391-3338; Seychelle Mahoney, 870-391-3286; Sheila Ogier, 870-391-3291; Scott Howie, 870-391-3513; Mandy Moore, 870-3913531, Michelle Byler, 870-391-3130; and Jennifer Scott, 870-391-3153.

Northark Campus Police

Local Police

Sanctuary Women's Shelter

NARMC Hospital

Ozark Rape Crisis Center

Mercy Hospital in Berryville