Title IX

Title IX

Sexual harassment, which includes acts of sexual violence such as rape, sexual battery and sexual coercion, is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX. It creates a hostile environment that has no place on our campus. It's something we take very seriously as we work to keep you safe and to respond effectively and immediately when you're in trouble.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

We don't tolerate discrimination of any kind at Northark. Here's what it means regarding Title IX:

  • Our institution does not discriminate on the basis of sex within educational programs and activities in accordance with Title IX requirements.
  • Inquiries about the application of Title IX may be referred to our Title IX Coordinator or to the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights at ocr@ed.gov.
  • Prohibited sex discrimination covers sexual harassment, including sexual violence

Title IX Complaints and Investigations

We'll investigate Title IX complaints in a prompt, fair and impartial manner. We'll take steps to prevent the recurrence of any harassment and to correct its discriminatory effects on the complainant and others, if appropriate. Protective interim steps may be taken to protect the complainant before the final outcome of the investigation is reached. You have the option to avoid contact with the alleged perpetrator. We'll talk to you about this right away. Both parties can present witnesses or other evidence, and both will be notified of the outcome. The time frame for a grievance investigation will typically take up to 60 days. You have the right to file a Title IX sex discrimination complaint with our institution in additional to filing a criminal complaint.

Confidentiality Concerns

We will take all reasonable steps to investigate and respond in a manner consistent with a student's confidentiality request. And we'll let you know when we can't ensure confidentiality. If the safety of others in the community could be at risk, the good of the whole may need to outweigh one student's confidentiality request.

If a student requests confidentiality and decides not to press charges in a sexual violence case, an anonymous report of the incident must still be made in order to comply with the Clery Act.

On-campus advocates, victim advocacy offices, women's and health centers, as well as licensed counselors can talk with a survivor in confidence.

Responding to Retaliation

Title IX protects all college students from retaliation if they report sexual harassment or violence. If the alleged perpetrator or his/her friends taunt you, call you names or harass you in any way, report this immediately. Our Title IX Coordinator and others are there as resources to take strong, responsive action if any retaliation or new incidents of harassment occur.

Helping A Friend

Do you have a friend who has experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence? In order to help him/her in the best possible ways, you can:

  • Listen
  • Direct him/her to available resources
  • Not take everything on your shoulders

Getting the appropriate, trained professionals involved is the best thing you can do to help a friend get the real help he or she may need.

How to File A Title IX Complaint

Sexual harassment and violence is serious, and it is important that you talk with someone about it. Gender discrimination and/or sexual harassment or misconduct should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinators.


Title IX Coordinator — Chris LaFata, Dean of Arts, Science and Business , Room M154N (870) 391-3322, chris.lafata@northark.edu

Deputy Title IX Coordinator — Kris Greening, Director Human Resources, Title IX Policy & Investigation Coordinator 1515 Pioneer Drive, Harrison, AR 72601, Room M125, (870) 391-3215, (870) 754-4578, kgreening@northark.edu.

South Campus Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Coach Bobby Howard, Athletic Director, Title IX Athletic compliance, South Campus Room G200A (870)391-3343, robert.howard@northark.edu.

Sheila Ogier, Student Accounts, Title IX Investigator, South Campus, Room M182 (870)391-3291, sogier@northark.edu

Michelle Byler, EOC Academic Advisor, Title IX Investigator, South Campus, EOC Office, (870)391-3130, michelle.byler@northark.edu

Mandy Moore, Assistant Registrar, Title IX Investigator, South Campus, Admissions Office (870)391-3531, mmoore@northark.edu

Mandy Kilbourn, Director Institutional Effectiveness, Title IX Investigator, South Campus, (870)391-3148, amanda.kilbourn@northark.edu

Brandon Cone, Media Specialist, Title IX Investigator, South Campus, (870)391-3556, brandon.cone@northark.edu

Seychelle Mahoney, Faculty, Coach, Title IX Athletics Training, South Campus, Room G102 (870)391-3286, smahoney@northark.edu

North Campus Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Scott Howie, Director Technical Programs, Title IX Reporting Compliance, North Campus front desk (870)391-3513, showie@northark.edu

Northark Campus Police

Local Police

Sanctuary Women's Shelter

NARMC Hospital

Ozark Rape Crisis Center

Mercy Hospital in Berryville