Fall 2017 Part-Time Dean's List

Tue Jan 2, 2018 at 01:35 PM

North Arkansas College Part-Time Dean’s List

6-11 Hours 3.70-4.00 GPA



  Lauren Bradburn                     

  Kevin Maldonado Lopez              

  Conner Wright                       



  Tiffany Miller                       


Diamond City

  Terri Day                          


Eureka Springs

  Tess Kannuck                      

  Jennifer McMillan                     

  Taylor Ramsey                      


Green Forest

  Joseph Hayes                        

  Jessica Herrejon-Casados             

  Ashley Simon                        

  Gregory Strodtman                    

  Christine Taylor                       



  Jessica Barrett                      

  Myra Beals                        

  Jennifer Boucher                      

  Corey Bourquin                     

  Rachel Bourquin                     

  Julia Chaffin                      

  Chelsea Cummings                     

  Rebecca Everett                      

  Joseph Faria                        

  Timothy Frazier                      

  Cooper Gloor                        

  Angela Keeling                      

  Rebekka Klein                        

  Susan Knight                       

  Abigail Markle                        

  Travis Mast                          

  Sherry Paxton                       

  Tyler Phillips                     

  Destany Powers                       

  Shirley Sanchez                      

  Brooke Smith                         

  Christina Tokarski                     

  Leah VanderZwaag                  

  Fines Walker                       

  Amber Weaver                       



  Alexandria Alawy                        

  Rosemary Faught                        



  Jeannie Hage                         

  Linda Langer                       



  Sharon McCoy                        


Marble Falls

  Sean Powers                       



  John Blough                       

  Jennifer Chase                        


Mountain Home

  Daylon Owens                        

  Jod Sawyer                       

  Dallas Stovall                      



  Patrick O'Brien                      



  Ethan Blair                         


Van Buren

  Nora Salinas                      


Western Grove

  Brody Reddell                      



  Myrna Galligan                     


Merriam Woods, Mo.

  Mary Hardy                        


Shell Knob, Mo.

  Veronica Standlee                    

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