Fast track, night classes offered at Northark

Wed Oct 2, 2019 at 03:34 PM

Fast Track classes logoNorth Arkansas College’s new Fast Track schedule of classes makes college more convenient for students this fall. Northark is offering 29 short-term classes with varied start dates that helps students finish faster.

Several classes will be offered at times that will be convenient for working adults.  Those classes begin after 4 p.m. or later. Evening classes include Introduction to Information Technology, English Comp I & II, Technical Math and Math for Careers & Technology.

Dr. Rick Massengale, Northark’s vice president of academic & student affairs says, “Primarily you see a much bigger non-traditional student body at night.  It is a different environment, as most all these students are working in the day and come together in the evenings for their classes.  I really enjoy teaching at night. I am teaching the Introduction to Information Technology Course this semester.  I have had some instances where a traditional student will take a night class with their non-traditional parent.  It is really exciting to watch the interaction in team projects grow when family members are working together for the common goal."

Eighty percent of the Fast Track courses are delivered in-person.  “Most of our enrollment is 18–19 year olds, but we want to make sure today and in the future we take care of our non-traditional students who want to continue, enrich or change their career opportunities,” Massengale explained.  “While online is an excellent option, there are still those students who want to sit in a classroom with their peers, hold a book, raise their hand and ask a question and get immediate feedback from their instructor.”

Fast Track classes include US History I, World Literature I and Public Speaking. Health professions courses are CNA, First Aid, Pediatric Nursing, Pharmacology, Mental Health/Care for Mentally Ill, Clinical IV, Leadership & Management and Clinical Practicum II, IV, I.

Fast Track technical offerings include Automotive Brake Systems, Non-structural Analysis and Damage Repair, Construction Methods, HVAC Control Wiring, CDL Training, Automotive Suspension & Steering and a Tractor Trailer driving class. 

To view the full schedule of fall 2019 Fast Track classes with specific start dates, locations and times, visit  To enroll in Fast Track classes contact Admissions at or call 870.391.3505.

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