Northark climbs to 29th most affordable for online degrees

Wed Jul 26, 2017 at 02:09 PM

In three years, North Arkansas College has quickly jumped from 50th to 29th in the nation, receiving recognition for providing affordable online learning to students seeking to earn a college education without accumulating significant student loan debt. 

Millions of students have taken advantage of online education.  Offering convenience and flexibility for busy schedules, a wide variety of course offerings, and a comfortable learning environment, online learning is here to stay. 

In 2014 Northark launched the popular online Associates of Applied Science Business Administration with Management or Accounting Emphasis and a wide variety of online courses.  Online enrollment has grown by 35% over three years.   The variety of course offerings expanded 157% from 47 online courses in Fall 2014 to a whopping 121 in Fall 2017.

While some colleges increase tuition for online courses, Northark has held firm to keeping the cost the same as face-to-face instruction.  Out-of-state students can take a course for $169 per credit hour (plus fees).  It’s all about providing high quality.  That standard of quality is built into the College’s brand and tagline “For quality, value and convenience.  Think Northark first.”

“You’ll have a hard time finding the quality of education we deliver for the price”, says Randy Esters, Northark president.  “We make administrative decisions with the benefit to students at the top of the priority list.  We’re about 1/3 the cost of a university per semester.  That’s money students can use to pay for housing, books, computers and other necessities to support themselves and their families while they are earning a degree or certificate.  Those extra dollars mean a lot to their overall academic success and comfort during their college years.”

One other Arkansas community college on the 2017 list was Arkansas Northeastern College in Blytheville rated #36. put the list together as part of its commitment to helping students find the most affordable and flexible solutions to higher education.  Community colleges are regularly cited as being a good way to lower the cost of college.  And online programs offer greater flexibility. 

Enrollment is now open through August 14, when classes begin.  A full list of classes is available on Northark’s homepage at, Search Classes. 

*Northark was rated 50th Most Affordable College for Online Degrees in 2014 according to

*Northark was rated 29th Most Affordable College for Online Degrees in 2017 according to

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