Northark construction students build tiny home

Fri Nov 10, 2017 at 04:19 PM

North Arkansas College Construction Technology Instructor David Zirkle puts his hammer back in his tool belt, steps back and lets his students take the lead. The group works together to put up walls, make sure they are square and properly attach them to a 20-foot trailer.

The students are building a tiny home as part of their construction technology classes at the college.

“I’ve always wanted to have the students build a tiny house,” Zirkle said, looking on as more walls go up. “They are popular right now. It will be 100 percent complete and move-in ready.”

The home will be 132 square feet with a 70-square-foot sleeping loft. Zirkle said a project of this magnitude will help the students gain practical hands-on construction skills. Students will learn framing techniques, project management, insulation application, plumbing and electrical installation.

“They are learning real-world applications,” he said. “They will have to make adjustments on the fly, use critical thinking skills and learn to be a team.”

The tiny home will have beveled cedar siding, gabled roof with step-up, custom cabinets, laminate countertop, four-burner range, water hook-up and generator hook-up.

Zirkle said the home should be completed by April and will be sold through a bid process.

To learn more about the tiny home, contact Zirkle at (870) 391-3163.

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