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North Arkansas College Strategic Plan

In September 2011, North Arkansas College began the process for developing a long-term strategic plan that establishes goals and strategies to continue our mission to provide high quality, affordable, convenient opportunities for learning and community enrichment. The overall strategic plan evaluates stakeholder needs and expectations, Northark's strengths and opportunities, along with institutional and environmental factors that impact the College.  The strategic planning process focuses on the College’s core values, mission, vision and institutional distinctiveness.

The plan was developed by various stakeholders including Northark staff, faculty, students, alumni, parents, educational partners, and representatives from the community and service area.

Results of the Environmental Scans:

Planning Council Phase I - Environmental Scan I: Stakeholder Needs, Stakeholder Expectations, Northark Strengths, Opportunities, and Distinctiveness
Planning Council Phase I - Environmental Scan 2: Social, Technological, Economic, and Political Factors

2012-2015 Strategic Plan Brochure

Please click image to view the full 2012-2015 strategic plan.

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