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Program Duration

1 year (Two Semesters)

Program Type

Technical Certificate

Median North Arkansas Salary

Career and Wage Information

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Why Choose This Program

Benefits of programming include high income potential, job growth and combining technical aspects with creativity.


About The Program

The technical certificate in programming is a 30-credit hour, program that allows students to enhance their skills in distinct computer programming techniques. In addition, the degree will enrich the existing degrees- cybersecurity, data science, information technology and business where analytical data manipulation is required.

Paying for College

Northark is affordable! We offer nearly $500,000 annually through institutional and foundation scholarships in addition to federal and state aid. See our scholarships and other financial aid programs.

Degree and Certificate Options

1-year Programming Technical Certificate Academic Plan

Transfer or Stackable Options

This degree is designed to get students into a career after graduation.


Chris LaFata
Dean of Arts, Sciences, Business and Information Technology
(870) 391-3231