Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Northark study abroad program

See the world and gain academic credit! Expand your cultural knowledge and bring your friends and family along. The program is not just for students. All of Northark's short-term trips are open to the community as well.


About Short-Term Study Abroad

Contact the STSA Director

Jackson Murray
(870) 391-3295
Room: M154M, South Campus

The Short-Term Study Abroad (STSA) program provides a short-term, faculty/staff led immersion travel experience provided to the greater Northark community through the academics division. Every year, STSA travels to a different country for two weeks between the spring and summer semesters. These travel courses provide an in-depth immersion experience to understand the cultural, historical, artistic and religious contexts of the chosen host country. Pairing the travel course with an optional full-term, spring semester academic course allows participants to further broaden the experience, to focus on specific academic areas of interest, and gain college credit.

The mission of North Arkansas College is to provide high quality, affordable, convenient opportunities for learning and community enrichment. The Short-Term Study Abroad program shares and directly supports that mission. This program provides students the opportunity to go beyond the classroom, to directly engage with diverse cultures, and transform their academic coursework into direct, interactive application. For community members, the program provides a unique continuing education and personal enrichment activity to broaden one's understanding of the world in which we live and today's globalized society.

Ways to Go

Community Education

  • Community Education Options
    • The trip only (The 2-week intercession between spring and summer semesters – generally the 2 “middle” weeks of May)
    • Some trips may have a community education course available for pairing for additional preparation/skills to utilize on the trip (see the STSA website for each individual trip)
  • You will pay all trip fees (package fees are generally "all inclusive" based upon 3 people to a room; upgrades to single or double occupancy rooms are available) and a small study abroad fee if not registered for a Northark course).
  • Allows trip to be open to Northark students not seeking academic credit for international travel / without paring the trip with an academic, for-credit course.

Opens trip participation to non-Northark individuals wanting a planned group travel experience.

Academic Course(s)

  • Register for an academic class that is "attached" to each trip (see the STSA website for each trip's course attachments)
  • Academic course attachments are spring semester courses running from January to May. All course attachments are courses that are part of Northark degree plans and/or courses that will transfer to 4-year institutions. You will also receive 2 additional academic credits toward your Northark degree for the “Study Abroad Enhancement”
  • Trip fees are now financial aid eligible for qualifying Northark students or self-pay (package fees are generally "all inclusive" based upon 3 people to a room; upgrades to single or double occupancy rooms are available).
  • No study abroad fee is applied to travelers registered for an attached academic course.

The STSA "Trip Cycle"

  • March - Trips are generally announced for the next year (Example: The May 2022 trip would generally be announced in March 2021)
  • Public Q & A sessions (on campus and via Zoom) are scheduled from April - August and the website is updated with initial information for the trip.
  • Open registration is held on the STSA website beginning in August / priority registration for students (or anyone wishing to take Study Abroad attached courses) is available as soon as the Q & A sessions begin.
  • Payment schedules run from October - March
  • The "Before You Go" session to orient travelers to the culture of the host country is held in March (2 months before trip departure).
  • The trip runs during the 2-week intercession between spring and summer semesters in May (generally the “middle” two weeks of May).

For More Information on all of STSA's Trips

Visit the STSA Website