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Medical Responder

   Medical Responder   |   EMT Basic  |  Paramedic Registry Eligible  |  Paramedic Degree

Not sure if you want to do at the scene of an accident try Medical Responder. The medical responder is a 2 college hour class that is completed in one semester. In Arkansas there currently is not a certification exam for the Medical Responder. If you’re not sure you want to work on an ambulance then try taking the Medical Responder course. This course will provide you skills that you can use to help your community or your family. This Department of Transportation course will provide you training that will cover those medical responder tasks that are so vital early in the EMS response. Many area rural fire departments use medical responders to assist the local EMS services to provide that life saving care before the ambulance arrives.


EMS 1022 Medical Responder 2 cr. hrs.

Sample costs for Medical Responder are as follows:

Tuition for 2 hours:

Boone County - $158
In– State - $206
Out of State - $348

Text - $76.

Medical Responder

Medical Responder is the front line EMS Provider who mostly volunteers with area responders to provide skills acquired in this course. This entry-level EMS training requires problem solving, patient assessment, people skills, and knowledge of the EMS system. This course would also allow someone to explore an interest in the EMS field. Following the National Standard Curriculum, this course would assist anyone who needs to be the first on the scene, especially useful to police, firemen, school bus drivers, public service personnel, or others interested in pursuing an EMS career.

To register complete a Northark College application and enroll in EMS 1022. Textbook is available at Northark’s Bookstore.