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Surgical Technology

North Arkansas College offers a 9-month certificate program and a 2-year associate degree program. For more information on our program, use the following links for Graduation Requirements, Philosophy & Mission Statement, and Course Descriptions.

The Surgical Technology Program prepares graduates to function in the operating room as members of the surgical team in delivering patient care and assuming appropriate responsibilities before, during, and after surgery.  The curriculum combines classroom and laboratory instruction with actual surgical suite experience. 

The Surgical Technology Program prepares the surgical technologist for the primary responsibility of preparing the operating room and instruments, equipment, and supplies that will be used; positioning and preparing the patient for surgery; and passing instruments, sponges, and sutures to the surgeon.  The surgical technologist may also function in the role of circulator; working outside the sterile field, responding to the needs of the surgical team.

Students are admitted in the fall semester each year.  All forms listed below must be received by April 1 in order to be considered a candidate for the Surgical Technology Program.

  1. College Admission Application 
  2. Surgical Technology Program Application 
  3. Clinical Observation Form 
  4. Reference Form (you will need to print 3 of these)
  5. All college and/or high school transcripts (transcript request form) need to be OFFICIAL transcripts.  The applicant will need to notify each school and ask the school to mail his/her transcript to North Arkansas College Registrar's Office.

Please follow each of the links below to important information regarding the surgical technology program and the application process.
  1. Mental and Physical Abilities & Skills Required 
  2. Program Admission Criteria 
  3. Estimated Cost of Program 
Upon acceptance into the program, the student will need to submit the following forms and information before entering the program or on the first day of class!
  1. Current CPR certification
    Immunization Records for: 
  2. MMR of Positive Rubella Titer for Antibodies.
  3. Negative TB Skin test or Health Department "Certificate of Health"
  4. Hepatitis B Vaccine Series or declination/waiver
  5. Varicella  Verification or declination

For information regarding how and where to get the Hepatitis B Vaccine click here

If you have any questions please contact Lita Parton in room A108 or call 870-391-3269.