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Strategy Forums

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Strategy Forum 1: 2005

The Northark AQIP Strategy Team attended its first Strategy Forum in 2005.  During this 3 day intensive workshop in Lisle, Illinois, the team worked together and worked with others to learn how to develop focused Action Projects that can lead to significant change.  The team left the workshop with Northark's first 3 Action Projects, refined from the "provocative propositions" generated by more than 100 faculty and staff during the NCA facilitated  Conversation Day that served to kickoff our AQIP journey. 

Strategy Forum Work    Strategy Forum 1 Team Work

Strategy Forum with Dr. Berry Speaking Display board at strategy forum


Strategy Forum 2: 2009

The Northark AQIP Strategy Team's second Strategy Forum, in November 2009, focused on Creating the Climate for Continuous Learning.  During this session the Team used results from Systems Portfolio feedback result and 4 years of experience with AQIP to enhance and further develop our plan for continuous improvement.