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Management AAS Degree

The AAS in Business Technology (Management Emphasis) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs.  North Arkansas College offers Associate of Applied Science degrees in Business Administration with a Management Emphasis.  This emphasis stresses modern management practices and how they fit into modern business practice. The degree plan can be viewed by clicking here.

The management program is designed to prepare students for careers as professional managers or as self-employed entrepreneurs.  The curriculum emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of business management principles, accounting and economics. The required course of study seeks to prepare the graduate not only for initial employment but for subsequent advancement in his/her chosen vocation.  Students study basic management principles, management concepts, functions, planning, organizing, directing, leading, controlling, systems concepts, controlling management applications, management team work, and social responsibilities in management.  In today’s turbulent world, managing in times of crisis and confusion is becoming a critical skill for managers in all kinds of organizations.  Rapid advances in technology and communication have made the whole world one big marketplace.  If you are not thinking international business, you are not thinking business management.
The business program utilizes the management simulation products from CAPSIM Management Simulation Inc., (Foundations management simulation competition, Capstone management simulation competition, and Comp-XM management simulation exam) to teach strategic management.   Simulations train pilots, soldiers, athletes, race car drivers, nurses and doctors – professions where learning is vital and mistakes can cost lives.  But mistakes during management simulations result in valuable learning experiences.  The study of business is well suited to simulation.  While business mistakes rarely cost lives, they can cost livelihoods – people’s jobs.

Specific objectives of the management program:
1.    Effectively apply technology as a problem-solving tool in management.
2.    Critically evaluate business management problems.
3.    Identify and evaluate ethical issues related to management problems.
4.    Effectively communicate.
5.    Proficiency in the foundation principles strategic management process.