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North Arkansas College Concurrent Enrollment Partnership

Northark is proud to partner with Harrison High School to offer selected Northark courses in English and math for college and high school credit on the HHS campus to HHS students who meet the following test score requirements:

ENGL 1013 English Composition 
ACT English 19 
ACT Reading 19
MAT 1223 College Algebra 
ACT Math 21 
ACT Reading 19

For more information about Northark’s Concurrent Enrollment Partnership, please contact one of the following:

Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Laura Berry  870-391-3280 
Dean of Outreach, Mrs. Nell Bonds
Harrison High School Counselor, Mrs. Anne Milburn  870-741-8223 
Northark’s Toll Free Line (ask Operator for transfer)  800-679-6622 
Vice President of Learning, Dr. Michael Wiggins