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Online Learning at North Arkansas College 

North Arkansas College is a leader in providing opportunities for online learning. The online learning program serves students by providing a wide range of online courses and offering an orientation to web-based learning. The Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Support also assists the faculty with course development, course material, and course schedules.

Technology-Based Learning at Northark Arkansas College

Technology is all around us. We use some form of technology every day to make our lives more convenient and more manageable. Technology is not the message; it is merely the vehicle on which the message is riding. One of the goals for the online learning program is to find the best way to use technology for teaching and learning. The online learning environment is different from the traditional classroom in many ways –and similar in many ways: different because its physical parameters are flexible and fluid, but similar because it has specific learning parameters just like a classroom.

Things Students Might Want to Know    

North Arkansas College can offer a wide range of educational opportunities to help you achieve your goals. Many students have jobs, families, and activities that require them to be somewhere else other than on a college campus. Northark offers online courses that come to you at times that are convenient for you. While traditional classrooms continue to be central to Northark’s mission, the the online learning program looks beyond the walls of the classroom, and we're seeing a lot of people who are looking back and wondering if college will ever be available to them. It is. And Northark’s online classes can deliver college courses to your home computer.

For more information about online learning at Northark, click here to contact the Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Support.

Online Courses

Northark’s online courses are taught over the Internet. However, students are required to meet on campus for one or more proctored exams and may be required to participate in other face-to-face class meetings or conferences with the instructor.

Students registering for online courses must, AS A MINIMUM, have: access to the Internet, a computer capable of accessing the Internet, at least a Pentium III processor, Microsoft Windows XP or Macintosh OS X operating system, and Microsoft Office software. Students should know how to use e-mail on their computers and be able to navigate the World Wide Web. Students must contact their instructors to find out if there are other requirements.

All online learning students must complete the Orientation for Online Learners course.  This is a non-credit course which will take approximately 3 - 4 hours to complete. 

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