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Seychelle Mahoney


Seychelle Mahoney, a native of Harrison, Arkansas, begins her sixth year at the helm of the Pioneer Women’s softball team.  Mahoney, a Valley Springs High School graduate brings extreme community understanding to a new up and coming sport, fast pitch softball. Seychelle Mahoney graduated from Valley Springs High School in 1995 and went north to continue her ever so demanding college basketball dreams at College of the Ozarks. College of the Ozarks was Seychelle Mahoney’s home for the next four years accumulating such records as a two time NAIA All-American point guard while a two-time All-American NAIA scholar athlete. Recently, Seychelle was inducted into the College of the Ozarks Sports Hall of Fame in January of 2006.

            Seychelle Mahoney enlightens the Pioneer Softball team with seven years of college coaching experience and one year under her belt as Head Softball Coach. However, her first college coaching experience began with women’s basketball and now has led her into an extremely popular softball world. While pursuing her double masters program in Kinesiology/Education at Southwest Baptist University, Mahoney was a full-time assistant coach for the powerful Lady Bearcats. Mahoney completed two and ½ years at Southwest Baptist University and headed even farther north to obtain a life long dream of coaching her own team.  Moving farther north was an opportunity to head her first college program in a small farming community in Southeast Iowa, known as Iowa Wesleyan College. Iowa Wesleyan College is a private NAIA Division II, four year liberal arts college located in the hills of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Beginning her first year at Iowa Wesleyan College, Seychelle became one of the youngest college coaches in the nation at 23 years old.

            Seychelle Mahoney also has family ties to North Arkansas College with her husband serving as a professor in the division of fine arts and communication. The Mahoney’s have a 7 year old son, William, a 4 year old son, Wyatt and a 4 month old daughter, Wynn.  The family resides in Harrison, Arkansas.