High School Students

High School Students

The college search process takes a significant amount of time and resources. Planning early will help you determine your career goals and the type of college experience that will be suit your needs, interest and expectations.

Freshman Year
Start off right. Remember that your grades will be used to calculate your grade point average. Develop a plan to make sure you are on the correct path for college. Start talking to your parents and counselors about your intentions to attend college.

Sophomore Year
Take the PLAN test, if offered, at your school. The PLAN is a practice test for the ACT. Visit campuses to get a feel for different campuses. Start to think about what you want in a college.

Junior Year
Begin to seriously start considering your college future by meeting with admissions representatives, attend college fairs, visit college websites, search online for colleges that meet your needs and has your possible major and talk to your parents about the cost of college. You should research fields related to your interests and abilities and look to see what scholarships are available. Take the ACT. Begin to schedule college visits in the spring and summer.

Senior Year
In the fall, revisit colleges you are seriously considering. Retake the ACT if necessary. Begin to fill out your applications, but be aware of deadlines. Meet with your counselor to discuss your possible majors, financial aid, scholarships, etc. In the winter, finish filling out and sending in applications. If you are applying for financial aid, encourage your parents to get their tax information ready. Submit your FAFSA soon after Jan. 1. In the spring, consider your options and compare financial aid packages. Decide where you want to go to college. Return award letters and notify other colleges of your decision. Tell your counselor where to send your final transcript.

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