Concurrent Credit

Concurrent credit is a great way for high school students to earn college credit while still in high school. Students who are less than 18 years of age and have not graduated from high school and who meet the North Arkansas College admission standards can concurrently enroll for academic courses. Students in grades nine through 12 may enroll for credit courses by meeting the following criteria:

  • Students must have completed the eighth grade and be enrolled in a secondary school or home school.
  • Students must complete an application for admission and provide test scores (ACCUPLACER or ACT). Home-schooled students must provide a copy of the Notification of Intent to Home School Form, which is on file with the local school district.

To be eligible to enroll in college credit classes, a concurrent student must achieve the following minimum ACT scores based on 12th grade norms (or comparable ACCUPLACER score):

ENGL 1013 English Composition .........................ACT English 19 & ACT Reading 19
MAT 1223 College Algebra ..................................ACT Math 21 & ACT Reading 19
All other State Minimum Core Curriculum ...........ACT Reading 19

The designated academic advisor will determine score levels for all other college level courses at the time of enrollment.

  • A concurrently enrolled student will be classified as non-degree seeking.
  • A concurrently enrolled student may not enroll for more than nine semester hours during any semester exclusive of courses taken at the high school campus or secondary center during regular school hours. Exceptions must be approved by a designated North Arkansas College counselor.
  • The course load may not include developmental courses (which includes MAT 1133 Intermediate Algebra).
  • Students enrolled concurrently must achieve a 2.00 GPA each semester of North Arkansas College enrollment. Students failing to achieve a 2.00 GPA may not re-enroll until they are classified as a degree-seeking student. Exceptions will require the approval of the Executive Vice President of Learning.
  • All arrangements of third party payment of tuition and fees are the responsibility of the student.

Concurrent Enrollment Form

Concurrent Credit Student Guide

For more information contact your high school counselor or Northark Dean of Outreach Nell Bonds at 391-3181 or email her at