Placement Tests

North Arkansas College accepts ACT and Accuplacer scores for placement purposes. Policy requires that full-time, degree-seeking students who are placed into college preparatory classes register for those classes upon initial enrollment at the college. Students who are placed into two or more college preparatory courses are required to take ORT 1003 College Success Skills. Students must complete college preparatory classes with a grade of “C” or better to advance to the next level.

Accuplacer tests are available at North Arkansas College. Call 870-391-3533 for appointments.

North Arkansas College also provides a complimentary resource for individuals who want to refresh their math, English and writing skills before taking the Accuplacer test. The app may be downloaded at

Please contact the Advising Center at 870-391-3115, Student Support Services at 870-391-3276, Adult Education at 870-391-3198 or Career Pathways at 870-391-3153 for instructions of other personal assistance to prepare for the placement test.