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Procurement / Vendor Information

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Dear Vendor:
Thank you for your interest in selling to North Arkansas College.
To be placed on the bid list, please print and complete the application (see link below).  Upon completion, please mail the application to the address below. 

The Arkansas Office of State Procurement issues state contracts for a variety of items (see link below) and North Arkansas College is required to purchase from those contracts. Please do not request to bid on commodities appearing on the state contract list or on commodities you cannot furnish. For a complete listing of the Commodity Class Index, see the link below.

 Upon receipt of the completed application, a determination will be made as to your company's eligibility and, if eligible, will be placed on the bidders' list.  Incomplete or incorrectly completed applications will not be processed.

An approved vendor will remain on the list until such time that:  three (3) no bid/no responses are accrued as a result of a bid solicitation; mail is returned for any reason; or, the vendor is removed from the list for cause.

Note:  Being placed on the bidders' list does not insure any subsequent contract award.

The bidders' list for North Arkansas College is used for Competitive Sealed Bids over $50,000 and, at times, for reference when searching for providers of a particular commodity or service.  All solicitations for Competitive Sealed Bids are also advertised in the Harrison Daily Times and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call me at 870-391-3290.


Shari Holt
Purchasing Agent
North Arkansas College
1515 Pioneer Drive
Harrison, AR 72601