Metropolitan Community College Wolves

MCC wolves team


No.    Name                      
4Allisyn RhonePG     SO5'2Warrensburg, Mo.
10Morgan DurrillFFR5'10Westminister, Colo.
11Maiya RandlePGFR5'3Grain Valley, Mo.
13Tya BellSGSO5'8Kansas City, Mo.
15Amanda HohnsteinSGSO5'6Lincoln, Neb.
23Kaylee VantrumpSGSO5'11Richmond, Mo.
32Kassidy SnowdenSGSO5'6Nashville, Ark.
33Octavia LoweryPGSO5'6Myrtle, Mo.
35Jaya ScottSGFR5'4Kansas City, Mo.

Team Overview

With the goal this year to not only keep the streak alive of finishing with a winning season, but also to make this a championship season, the MCC Wolves are nearing the goal! Returning players for this year's squad is a group of girls that make the game so exciting.  Sophomore guard Kaylee Vantrump, an outside shooter who can light it up from deep range.  Slotted at the point guard position is Octavia Lowery, who has a lot of razzle-dazzle in her game, and shows Division I potential.  Sophomore Kassidy Snowden is an explosive powerhouse who dominates the floor with speed and rebounds effectively despite her small frame.  In addition to these three veterans the Wolves loaded up with six additional players to move them to a 17-9 season and winning the past seven games.