Eric Osner

Head Coach Eric Osner

Coach Eric OsnerEric Osner the second youngest coach in Northark history. The coach has just started his third decade of life at the ripe old age of 30.

In his high school career, the coach played basketball and baseball for four years. He also ran cross country for two years.

Upon completing his high school career, Osner moved on to Allen County Community College in Iola, Kan. He played there one year and then moved on to Evangel University where he played for three seasons.

After finishing his collegiate career, Osner stayed at Evangel as a graduate assistant. After completing five years as a part-time coach at the Springfield, Mo. college, Osner was elevated to full-time assistant and head junior varsity head coach.

To make ends meet during college and his beginning years of coaching, Osner coached Bolivar, Mo. and Clinton's American Legion teams.

The hard work that the coach placed in the summer is something that he will expect from his team.

"We are going to be a hard working and hard-nosed team," said Osner. "We’re going to out work you, and leave it all on the field. We're going to play the game the right way and the wins and losses will take care of themselves."

Osner majored in physical education and minored in personal training while at Evangel. He received his master's in education leadership.

Assistant Coach Karsten Leigvold

Karsten LeigvoldKarsten is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Denver Colorado when he was starting high school He graduated from Front Range High School which is located in Littleton, CO.

In high school he played three sports, baseball for four years and basketball and soccer for three years.

Upon completion of his high school career he attended Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis MO where he spent his first year of school. He then transferred to Evangel University in Springfield, MO and played for three years and then spent his fourth year as a student assistant where he helped coach the infielders and hitters.  

Karsten graduated May of 2019 receiving a K-12 Physical Education degree and received the most Outstanding PE Graduate award in his class. He spent his first summer out of school coaching for the MidWest Nationals Organization before starting on as the assistant at Northark in August.

Karsten is also the Student Recruitment Specialist for the college and hopes to help the school grow as well as the baseball team grow as a program.