Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball

  • northark women's basketball player shoots over defender
  • Kelcee Hopper free throw
  • northark women's basketball player drives to basket
  • women's player dribbles basketball
  • northark women's basketball player fights for rebound
  • women's player shoots basketball
  • Baylea Smith freethrow
  • women's player drives by defenders
2021-2022 Schedule







Oct. 7Baptist Bible College (scrimmage)Harrison, AR5 p.m.
Oct. 16Midwest Showcase (scrimmage)Overland Park, KS8:45 a.m.
11:05 a.m.
Oct. 19College of the Ozarks (scrimmage)Harrison, AR5:30 p.m.
Oct. 21Connors St. (scrimmage)Harrison, AR5:30 p.m.
Nov. 2Evangel JVHarrison, AR6 p.m.W 89-721-0
Nov. 5

Lady Pioneer Classic
Northark vs. National Park

Harrison, AR7:30 p.m.W 83-702-0
Nov. 6

Lady Pioneer Classic
Northark vs. Lakeland

Harrison, AR2 p.m.


W 76-70

Nov. 10Williams Baptist JVHarrison, AR5 p.m.W 99-584-0
Nov. 12John Wood Community College (Crowder Classic)Neosho, MO5 p.m.W 58-295-0
Nov. 13Seminole State College (Don Wilson Classic)Neosho, MO1 p.m.L 81-485-1
Nov. 23Neosho Co CCHarrison, AR5 p.m.W 81-676-1
Nov. 29Evangel JVSpringfield, MO5:30 p.m.W 81-517-1
Nov. 30Williams Baptist JV (CANCELLED)Walnut Ridge, AR5 p.m.
Dec. 4Neosho Co CC
Chanute, KS2 p.m.
Dec. 10Pensacola StatePensacola, FL5:30 p.m.L 45-687-2
Dec. 11TallahasseePensacola, FLNoonL 51-597-3
Dec. 16CrowderHarrison, AR6 p.m.W 97-708-3
Jan. 3Connors St.Harrison, AR6 p.m.W 75-489-3
Jan. 8National ParkHot Springs, AR2 p.m.W 77-5210-3
Jan. 13UA CossatotDeQueen, AR5:30 p.m.W 82-7411-3
Jan. 15Southark (POSTPONED)Harrison, AR2 p.m.
Jan. 22SAU-TechHarrison, AR2 p.m.W 79-6412-3
Jan. 28Williams Baptist JVWalnut Ridge, AR3 p.m.W 68-5313-3
Jan. 29Mid-SouthWest Memphis, AR2 p.m.W 57-4114-3
Jan. 31South ArkansasHarrison, AR5:30 p.m.W 65-4915-3
Feb. 2Crowder (CANCELLED)Neosho, MO6 p.m.
Feb. 5National Park College
Harrison, AR2 p.m.
Feb. 10UA CossatotHarrison, AR5 p.m.W 92-7916-3
Feb. 12SoutharkEl Dorado, AR2 p.m.W 88-4617-3
Feb. 14National Park CollegeHarrison, AR5:30 p.m.W 104-4318-3
Feb. 15Metro CCHarrison, AR5 p.m.W 76-6519-3
Feb. 17Mid-SouthHarrison, AR5:30 p.m.W 67-4820-3
Feb. 19SAU-TechCamden, AR2 p.m.W 69-6821-3
Feb. 27NJCAA Regional Tournament
vs National Park College
Searcy, AR1 p.m.W 56-5122-3
Feb. 28NJCAA Regional Tournament
vs. SAU Tech
Searcy, AR5 p.m.L 52-7322-4