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Call 870-391-3547 to reserve space in the Durand Center for your event, meeting or workshop or fill out our online form with your event information. See what is happening on campus on our events calendar.

Read our Facility Use Policy to learn more about the rules and regulations regarding facility rental.

Rooms and Capacity

Anstaff Bank — 385 square feet; board room from 10 people

Arvest Bank — 1,048 square feet; classroom, 40 people; round Tables, 40 people; U-Shape, 24 people; Double U, 40 people; chairs only, 80 people

Equity Bank Partners Room — 480 square feet; board room for 10, 17 around the walls

Daniel Sprott Room — 376 square feet; classroom, 18 people; rounds, 43 people (4 tables, 8 chairs each), chairs only, 35 people

Donna S. Barber Room — 503 square feet; classroom, 18 people; rounds, 40 people (5 tales, 8 chairs each); chairs only, 40 people

Durand Conference Center Main Room — 7,852 square feet; classroom, 400 people; rounds, 520 people (65 tables, 8 chairs each); chairs only 600 people

Durand Side A — 5,135 square feet; classroom, 300 people, rounds, 304 (38 tables, 8 chairs); chairs only 400 people

Durand Side B — 2,604 square feet; classroom, 100 people, rounds, 152; U shape, 40 people; double U, 64 people, chairs only 200 people

Ginny Hammerschmidt Room —  513 square feet; classroom, 22 people; rounds, 40 people (5 tables, 8 chairs each); chairs only, 50 people.


L.E. Gene Durand Center
Breakout RoomsFor Profit
Half Day
For Profit
Full Day
Half Day
Full Day
Daniel Sprott Room$50$80$35$56
Donna S. Barber Room$50$80$35$56
Ginny Hammerschmidt$60$100$42$84
Arvest Bank$95$145$74$109
Conference Rooms
Equity Bank$60$100$42$70
Anstaff Bank$60$100$42$70
Durand Center
Conference Center(A&B)$450$800$330$575
Conference Side A$350$500$260$365
Conference Side B$250$350$190$260
FedEx Freight Atrium$90$150$63$105

* There is no charge for use of the Atrium if used in conjunction with the Durance Conference Center (A&B).
* Non-Profit — an organization recognized as a 501(c) organization.
Half Day = 4 hours or less
Full Day = over 4 hours but no longer than 8 hours
All events must be completed and cleaned up by midnight.
$50 deposit on all rooms with the exception of the Durand Center Main Room and A & B individually, which is $100

Additional Charges:

Basic AV Fee — $25 half day and $50 for full day (includes: projector, screen, podium, microphone, dvd, blu-ray, vhs, cd, internet & laptop connections)

Tablecloths — Regular $5 each; Large $8 each (all linens are black)

Dance Floor — $ 100 (30X30 / 900 sq ft)

Setup Change Fee — $25 per additional setup

Excessive Cleanup Fee — $25 per hour

Damage Fee — Cost of repairs to facilities (cost and labor)

Supplemental AV Services, including live video will require contract by third party.

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