Library Services

Book Check Out
Students, faculty, and staff can check out a maximum of ten items at a time. This includes all materials offered for check out such as DVDs, general collection books, and fiction books. Students can check out books for two weeks at a time with three renewals of general collection books. Faculty and Staff can check out general collection books for four weeks at a time with three renewals. Community members can check out two general collection books at a time for two weeks only.

Card Catalog
All the library items for check out can be found in the library’s card catalog. Things such as DVDs, books, and even locks and markers are all found in the catalog. Also included are all the E-books from the various databases we subscribe to and various websites that can be helpful in research. Students can place checked out items on hold by logging in. Log in information for students is:

                Username: Student number

                Password: Last four digits of the student number

If for some reason this does not work, please call the library at 870-391-3356 and we’ll make sure your account was set up appropriately. We are in the process of getting a card catalog computer that will remain connected to the card catalog all day. This will benefit those who need to quickly find a book. 

Access the Northark Library Card Catalog here

The library now offers free coffee, tea and hot cocoa. It's located in the back of the library by the testing center.

Collaboration Tables
We now have two collaboration tables for groups to work on digital projects together. Up to four devices can be plugged in to a screen in order to see different aspects of the project. Please see a library staff member for more information.

Community Members
Because we are a community college, the North Arkansas College library supports area citizens who wish to come in and use our library. Though we welcome community members to use the Northark library computers, please keep in mind that if there are students waiting for computers, community members will be asked to relinquish their computer. Community members are free to print from our computers as long as they pay for printing in advance. They are welcome to use our headphones, drink coffee and use any materials in the library. Certain services are reserved only to our students.

The databases can be found on the library page of the Portal. We have a variety of databases on a variety of subjects. Some databases also have help sheets, also located on the Portal. Most databases can be accessed from home by typing in your Northark computer login information. If more assistance is needed, please contact library staff.

Northark Library carries many popular movies and television shows. You can find movies such as Star Trek: Into Darkness, Titanic, and The Avengers. The library also offers a variety of Disney and Pixar movies for your kids. You can also find television shows such as Friends, The Walking Dead, and Downton Abbey. Students, faculty, and staff can check out three movies fro one week. They can be renewed one time. We also have a section of non-fiction DVDs available for checkout on a various number of topics.

Northark Library has a lot of calculators that can be checked out for students enrolled in math classes. Please ask at the library’s front desk for more information. These are graphing calculators and are checked out for about a month, then can be renewed so students can keep them for the entire semester.

Northark Library has ten sets of headphones that can be checked out for library patrons to use in the library.

Interlibrary Loan
Students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to request articles or books from libraries around the world. You can go onto the Portal under the library page and fill out the information to request the item. Please note that it could take up to two weeks to get an item, so a time allowance may be necessary.

The library has several laptops that can be checked out to students for in-library use only, and faculty/staff for use in their classes or events. It is best for faculty and staff to call ahead to reserve the laptops. Students can check these out as available. They can be used in the library for two hours.

Lounge Seating
We now have more comfortable seating in the library. These areas are good for reading, drinking coffee and relaxing.

The library carries a number of magazines and newspapers. We have access to all the area newspapers. We also carry several popular magazines. The periodicals can only be used in the library. We have several nursing and science journals. Due to need, the science journals are kept behind the circulation desk and can be checked out for in-library use only.

Popcorn Fridays
One afternoon a month, we will have free popcorn available in the library.

Popular Fiction
Northark Library subscribes to a service that gives us the latest in popular fiction. New titles are constantly being ordered. Students, faculty and staff can check out two books for one week. They can be renewed one time.

Special Events
Throughout the school year we will hold special events to celebrate events, people, or places. For instance, we’ll celebrate Veteran’s Day, remember 9/11, and celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday. We’ll also have snacks available during finals to help with that heavy studying.

Study Rooms
We currently have two group study rooms and three individual study rooms. One of the rooms also has space for individual study space and access to outlets for recharging/using electronics. Students can reserve the study rooms by coming to the front desk in the library. Reservations will be posted outside the study room each day.

Textbooks on Reserve
We have several of the more popular textbooks on reserve. A complete list can be found on the Library’s home page and on the library page on the portal. These can be checked out for in-library use only.

There are several whiteboards throughout the library to assist students in studying and preparing class projects. Markers and erasers can be checked out at the front desk of the library. These can only be used in the library. The A-frame marker boards are on wheels and can be moved anywhere throughout the library.