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North Arkansas College Computer Use Policy

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The Computer Use Policy has been updated and reworked as of July 2010. Please be aware of the changes contained within the document.  You may access the PDF version by clicking HERE.



Computers and the Internet have become a necessary part of the educational environment.  While you may be required to use a computer, it should be understood that usage of your computer account is a privilege.  All users are expected to use common sense, ethical behavior, and proper etiquette when accessing software and other resources on this campus, different web sites, and other activities related to computing.   E-mail  accounts, passwords and other files and or data that may have your name associated with it should be guarded carefully.  All users are expected to follow all guidelines set forth in this and other college documents concerning computer usage and are expected to be aware of any and all consequences resulting from misuse of said computing resources.
Malicious behavior, downloading and/or viewing of pornographic material is prohibited, MUDing, IRCing, installing of software, etc... is also prohibited.  Also, the use of computers and Internet are not to be used to harass, intimidate, or defame anyone.  Sanctions for violating this policy may include revocation of privileges, suspension, expulsion, or arrest, depending on the action and level of violation.