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Rick Williams
Director, Information Technology Services
Office: C503 (Center Campus)
Phone: 391-3233
E-Mail: rickw@northark.edu

User & Classroom Tech Services

Mary Bausch
Lead User & Tech Support Specialist
Office: B202 (South Campus)
Phone: 391-3285
E-Mail: maryb@northark.edu

Web & Application Services

Ryan Hoffman
Server & Web Administrator
Office: C503 (Center Campus)
Phone: 391-3289
E-Mail: rhoffman@northark.edu

Brenda Freitas
Web Developer & Support Technician
Office: M125 (South Campus)
Phone: 391-3275
E-Mail: bfreitas@northark.edu

Mike Duggan
Application Developer
Office: C503 (Center Campus)
Phone: 391-3226
E-Mail: mduggan@northark.edu

Network & Phone Services

Aaron Bueg
Network Administrator
Office: C503 (Center Campus)
Phone: 391-3113
E-Mail: abueg@northark.edu

Jason Berger
Network and Tech Support Technician
Office: B301 (South Campus)
Phone: 391-3349
E-Mail: jberger@northark.edu

Mainframe Services

Glenn Coleman

Mainframe Services Office:  (South Campus)
Phone: 391-3244
E-Mail: glennc@northark.edu