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Information Technology Services

Computer Board

     The Information Technology Services department has undergone many changes through the  years. We started with 25 Apple IIe's in the Business lab where our Introduction to Data Processing classes were taught and now have over a dozen fully functional computer labs, plus Laptop Carts for use in numerous other classrooms. All of these machines are connected to the college's academic network. Our network consists of over 2 dozen servers, numerous switches, and miles of fiber optic and CAT5 or better cable. The college teaches word-processing, spreadsheet, database, accounting, desktop publishing, presentations, advanced mathematics, complete office suites, internet classes including introductory and advanced web page design , computer programming, and computer basics on the computers in these labs to name a few. These labs are also used for tutoring and research through the internet.

     In 1992, Northark joined the ARKNet consortium which connected many 2 and 4 year colleges into the Internet. The first use of the internet was primarily E-mail and basic internet functions which included telnet, gopher, and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Since we have been connected to the "net" we have expanded these services to include World Wide Web (WWW) access, our own web presence with Pioneer, web based e-mail for employees and students, and Internet Classroom Servers.

     The Information Technology Services department not only supports and administers the computer labs and network, but also supports and services all of the colleges computer equipment in the faculty and staff offices. This includes the repairing, installing and connecting the computers to the college's network. We also assist with the ordering of all computers. Currently, there are over 700 computers that the department supports at three in-town campuses, plus some outlying area offices.