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Tech Support / Report an Issue


If you would like to report an problem with the website, please send an email to webmaster@northark.edu explaining the issue.


Currently enrolled students who experience problems with technology such as the Portal or other classroom equipment should first contact the instructor to report the issue.  The following form will forward the issue to Northark I.T. Services for review and servicing. 

Faculty / Staff

If you want to submit a request for work to be done, or you have a tech support issue -- either for the Maintenance or IT Services departments to handle -- use the new JIRA Issue Tracker.  Issue types include custodial, repairs, moving, setup, installing new software, tech issues with the website/Portal, email issues, issues with the Claridge/SMART boards, and much more.
Report a new issue

If you have an emergency and need immediate assistance, contact one of the departments by their phone extension listed below.
  • Maintenance - South Campus - Kevin's cell #416-5986
  • Maintenance - Center Campus - Paul's cell #688-8307
  • Maintenance - North Campus - Danny's cell #688-4008
  • IT Services - Rick Williams - extension #233