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Add/Drop Classes


Change of Schedule (Add/Drop)

Students officially enrolled may drop courses through the extended registration deadline; however, students may only enroll in or add courses that have not yet officially begun. Failure to complete the established procedure will nullify either action. Additional fee charges or reductions may result. The deadline for adding courses or changing courses or sections is given in the Academic Calendar.

A student may drop a higher level course and add a lower level course in the same division or vice versa through the fourth week of classes provided permission is granted by the appropriate instructor(s).
Caution: Financial Aid recipients should take note that dropping some/all classes may partially reduce or revoke financial aid and could result in a significant account balance due or, if financial aid residual has already been received, some repayment may be required .

Dropping Classes

Students who wish to withdraw from a class or classes after the end of enrollment must complete the following steps:

South Campus:

   1. Obtain drop form from an academic counselor.

   2. Return completed form to the Registrar’s Office, Room M 185.

North Campus:

   1. Obtain drop form in Room 15 or 14.

   2. Return completed form to Room 15 or 14.

Official withdrawal from any class is not complete until the student has completed the steps above.

Withdraw by end of enrollment period:

   • No grade recorded on transcript.

Withdraw through the 60% of course:

   • Receive W on transcript.