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Campus Safety

With recent events occurring on college campuses it’s a good idea to review the Emergency Procedures for Northark. When responding to a crisis, speed, thoroughness, accuracy and consistency are vital to an organization’s creditability. North Arkansas College is taking a proactive approach to providing a safe environment on campus. A flip chart listing possible situations and procedures to follow is located in each classroom on the North and South campus, and by every restroom and on each floor of the Center Campus. This quick reference flip chart is an integral part of a comprehensive Emergency Procedures Plan for Northark. It is designed for use by students,faculty and staff to provide initial response procedures to follow in the event of an emergency that occurs on campus or in the local area that will impact the campus.  Remember, most crisis cannot be predicted.  Please take the time now to read over instructions to better prepare ourselves in the event of an emergency.

Northark has a Campus Safety Team that regularly meets to review policies and procedures. Added security measures such as cameras and monitors have been installed on campus for the safety and communication needs of our employees and students.

If you have questions regarding crisis management procedures or policies, call Don Sugg at 391-3216.

Annual Security report