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The goal of the North Arkansas College purchasing department is to provide efficient and responsive assistance to all College personnel in the procurement of goods and services in accordance with state-mandated guidelines, at the best pricing available.  Our mission is to offer high-level customer service for the campus community while supporting the educational mission of North Arkansas College.

North Arkansas College will strive to support the local community and the providers of goods and services whenever possible within the limits of the procurement laws of the State of Arkansas.

All purchases for North Arkansas College, regardless of the source of funds, are subject to Arkansas laws, regulations, and procedures, and should be for the official business of the College.  All types of purchases from College budget accounts are subject to these regulations and procedures and require prior approval in the form of an official North Arkansas College Purchase Order.  Purchases made without prior approval are not legal obligations of North Arkansas College and any individual making a purchase without following proper purchasing procedures is assuming a personal obligation to the vendor and he/she may be held personally liable for the expense.

The purchasing department can be found within the Finance and Administration offices on the fourth (4th) floor of Northark’s Center Campus located at 303 North Main Street.