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Financial Aid

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Student Services works as a team empowering students to achieve success.”

Comprising staff in Admissions, Advising, Financial Aid, Registrar’s Office, and Student Accounts, the Student Services team strives to provide enrollment-related services that are seamless, customer-friendly, student centered, and efficient.

In fulfilling our mission, it is the goal of the staff to provide quality service to all whom we serve.  We recognize that our attitudes and actions reflect not only on us as individuals but on the entire College.  More importantly, we recognize that what we do has a direct impact on our students, and that by serving as a model of quality we are helping to shape attitudes and empower student success.

Office: M185 (South Campus)

Hours: Monday-Friday   8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Address: North Arkansas College

Financial Aid Office: 1515 Pioneer Drive Harrison, AR   72601

E-mail: financial-aid@northark.edu
Financial Aid Information

The purpose of the Financial Aid Office at North Arkansas College (Northark) is to provide financial assistance to students obtaining an education at the post-secondary level. To implement this purpose, a variety of financial aid programs have been designed to meet the needs of most students. The Financial Aid Office considers every individual with special needs, and the intent of the office personnel is to provide individualized service.

Financial Aid Documents and Links

Northark's (OPE) six-digit Federal School Code or Title IV School Code is 012261

Scholarship Information

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

Maximum Time Frame for Program Completion Information

Cost of Education

2015-2016 Forms

15-16 Student Financial Aid Data Form

2015-2016 Verification Forms
V1 Verification
V3 Verification
V4 Verification
V5 Verification
V6 Verification

2015-2016 Direct Subsidized Student Loan Application

2015-2016 Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan Application

2014-2015 Forms

14-15 Student Financial Aid Data Form

2014-2015 Verification Forms
V1 Verification
V3 Verification
V4 Verification
V5 Verification
V6 Verification

Work Study Information

Please visit the work study webpage for information on 2014-2015 work study positions.


How to apply

Entrance Counseling / Sign Master Promissory Note

Once students who have received a loan are no longer enrolled, they must complete the exit counseling.

Exit Counseling (The Exit Counseling is located under "tools and resources.")

Code of Conduct

Do you need to cancel some or all of your student aid package?  You will need to complete the following form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office

Award Cancellation Form




To ensure compliance with U.S. Department of Education regulations, North Arkansas College provides the following disclosures regarding academic programs.  Please click on a link to go directly to each program's Disclosure of Gainful Employment.