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Named Facilities

With major gifts to name buildings and other facilities at Northark, donors invest in our College’s future and create a legacy.


The Board of Trustees of North Arkansas College has established a Facilities Naming Policy.  Although the amount requested for a naming opportunity varies according to the facility, the minimum amount has ranged from $25,000 to $50,000 for a normal classroom or smaller meeting room, or $100,000 to $250,000 for larger rooms, major gathering areas, and entries.  The requested gift level to name a Center is $500,000 to $1 million.  For a building, the donation level specified is $1-2 million.  It is expected that each naming opportunity will recognize the donor according to the level of gift and size of facility.


Furnishings and Equipment

Furniture and Equipment for technical programs, computer laboratories, and allied health clinical classrooms are critical in Northark’s efforts to provide state-of-the-art preparation for our students.  Philanthropic gifts to the North Arkansas College help ensure the latest equipment and technology are available for those programs.  Naming opportunities are offered for classrooms and laboratories in return for donations used to furnish and-or equip these facilities.  Normally, a lab or classroom is named for the period of time a gift or series of gifts supplies equipment or technology for the facility.  For example, a $100,000 donation, paid over time, names a computer lab for 10 years.  Gifts to endow funding for equipment or technology offer donors permanent naming opportunities and must be sufficient for income generated to maintain the furnishings and equipment.  For example, the requested endowment level for a computer laboratory is $250,000.



South Campus

Bill Baker Amphitheatre

Community First Bank Computer Laboratory

Bennie Ellis Conference Room

James H. Jones Computer Laboratory

John Paul Hammerschmidt Business and Conference Center

John Paul Hammerschmidt Plaza

Kenneth R. Milburn, Sr., Computer Laboratory

Millbrook Distribution Computer Laboratory

The Bradley Student Center


North Campus

Weldon Stevenson Student Center


Center Campus

Cathy Brandt Board Room

Community First Bank Partners Room

Daniel Sprott Room

Donna S. Barber Room

FedEx Freight Atrium

Bear State Bank Room

Anstaff Bank Conference Room

Ginny Hammerschmidt Room

L.E. “Gene” Durand Conference Center