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Annual Fund Drive led by Andy & Louise Yeager

Andy & Louise Yeager with Northark Foundation board membersSupporting North Arkansas College and its students is important to Andy and Louise Yeager. 

Chairing the 2013-14 North Arkansas College Foundation Annual Fund Drive is their way to show the depth of their commitment to support a life-changing cause – education.  

“Harrison has been our home for over fifty years,” Andy says.  “We have much to be thankful for and are pleased to give back by helping educate our local kids and community.”  Mr. and Mrs. Yeager have recently led this year’s drive by creating the Andy Yeager Motors Endowed Chair in Instruction at Northark.   “We appreciate the long-standing support of Mr. and Mrs. Yeager,” says Dr. Jackie Elliott, president of North Arkansas College.  “By creating this endowed chair of instruction they will impact the education of students for years to come.”

Mr. Yeager knows the value of a good education.  He attended school through the eighth grade, and attended the eighth grade twice.  While he admits that he took the eighth grade twice to reduce some of his chores at home, he also knew that a high school education was not possible because of the distance to the high school and he had to help his mother at home.  Andy’s father passed away when he was very young and he knew he had to help his mother and siblings with the family farm.    He recalls that the one classroom teacher was Mary George.  “She was mean, made me put my nose to the chalkboard countless times, paddled me and pulled my hair to get my attention, but she was an excellent teacher and I respected her,” says Mr. Yeager.  He’s sure that faculty members at North Arkansas College don’t resort to those tactics today, and he is confident his new endowed chair will provide the means to a solid education for those today who want to attend college.

Andy and Louise Yeager have had a great life in their seventy-two years of marriage.  They were married in Siloam Springs.  He was eighteen while she was fifteen.  Mr. Yeager said that he started in the car business at an early age; it was sixteen to be exact.  He bought a 1930 Model A Coupe and a 1931 Chevrolet pickup for $125.  He turned around and sold the pickup for $125 the very next day to a neighbor.  He learned an early lesson that day.  “I knew I could have sold it for more when he paid cash on the spot and I remembered that for the rest of my life,” claimed Mr. Yeager.

Mr. and Mrs. Yeager spent most of their years in the car business.  They also spent time selling furniture and livestock at their auction company in Siloam Springs.  Jack Reeves and Gene Durand enticed Mr. Yeager to move to Harrison back in October of 1960.  He bought the American Motors Jeep Dealership, but sold the business in 1974.  Afterwards, they owned Furniture Mart Discount City store before moving back into car sales.  Mr. Yeager claims that his company motto of Buy From Us Pay Us has served his business well over the years.  He believes one of his best moves was to offer financing on-site to his customers.  Currently, you’ll find Mr. Yeager at his original downtown location checking the daily quotes on his recent stock purchases. 

Lately, Mr. Yeager has been reminded of his mother.  He states, “My mother always told me that it is better to give than to receive.”  Today, he’s putting his mother’s advice into action.  He’s giving back.  The North Arkansas College community thanks the Yeager’s for taking the lead this year as Annual Fund Drive chairs for North Arkansas College Foundation.