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PTK Chapter wins 5 regional awards

Northark Phi Theta Kappa
North Arkansas College’s Vision is to be a premier institution, achieving excellence through innovation, technology, continuous improvement, and quality instruction. The local chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), Beta Beta Delta has risen to meet that Vision challenge of distinction by bringing home multiple awards!

Northark honor students just returned from the Arkansas/Oklahoma Regional Convention in Oklahoma City on March 7th where Northark’s PTK Chapter was recognized as one of the top 5 Most Distinguished Chapters in the region. The Arkansas-Oklahoma Region is comprised of 42 Chapters.

These students make it cool to be smart. One visit to a meeting and its evident this group is on the fast-track to achieving whatever goals they set! Robert Blanton, a student from Yellville majoring in Business said he gave his heart and “sole” during the competition. He actually left pieces of his shoe sole on the stage as he paced back and forth campaigning for office! Robert is currently Vice President of Fellowship and has been elected Chapter President next year.

Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Beta Delta received the following awards for outstanding achievements:

• 2014 Top Five Distinguished Chapter Award
• Three Star Level award in the Five Star Chapter Plan
• Top Five 2014 Honors in Action Hallmark Award
• Top Five 2014 College Project Hallmark Award
• Horizon Award presented to Sherri Townsend as an up and coming Chapter Advisor

The C4 Completion Project promises the signees will promote practices and strategies that will produce 50% more graduates with high-quality degrees and certificates by 2020. Northark Trustees, students, faculty and staff signed the C4 Completion Pledge last fall and C4 Completers will be recognized this spring during Northark’s Commencement Ceremonies.

The Honors in Action Research Project provided education about how associates and bachelor’s degrees play a role in the workforce and in the community.
The Chapter has achieved a 3 star status and is working toward a 5. Their goal is to become a top 100 chapter in the nation.

Randy Spencer, a PTK member from Jasper commented about what he brought back from the conference, saying “"For me, the regional convention was a wonderful and exciting experience that promoted learning and leadership skills while having fun and fellowship with members of other regional chapters."

2014 marks the 40th Anniversary of North Arkansas College. The institution will celebrate throughout the year during various activities and events. The local Chapter of PTK was formed in 1995. PTK Advisors have been Dr. Marty Terrill (1995-2005), Dr. Phil Howerton (2005-2012) and Sherri Townsend (2012-current).

PTK is recognized as the official honor society for community colleges by the American Association of Community Colleges. Learn more about PTK by visiting their webpage at http://www.northark.edu/activities/clubs/ptk.aspx or call Sherri Townsend at (870) 391-3279.

Photo: Left to right: Randy Spencer of Jasper, vice president of leadership; Sherri Townsend, PTK chapter advisor; Nancy Pruente of Eureka Springs, Senator; Kathryn Jeffries of Harrison, vice president of public relations, 2012-13 president; Angela Keeling of Harrison, vice president of finance/fundraising for 2014-15 and Robert Blanton of Yellville, vice president of fellowship, elected as president for 2014-15.