Northark Challenge

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Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020
One team, six people, four events and up to $1,800 in prize money

The North Arkansas College Foundation is hosting a fundraiser called the Northark Challenge that will consists of four events — fishing, sporting clays, archery and bowling. Prize money will be awarded for first ($1,000), second ($250), and third ($100) place to each team as a whole. Two hundred dollars in prizes will be awarded to the winning team of each of the four events.

The entry fee for each team is $500. Should you not be able to field your own team, individual entries are $90 per person, and we will do our best to field you a team of six through the fishing, trap, and archery events.

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For more information, contact Rodney Arnold at (870) 754-9458 or email him at

fishing sillhouetteFishing

Two-person trout tournament, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.; Launch from Lilley's Landing, Branson, Mo.

The trout fishing tournament will be based out of Lilley’s Landing on Lake Taneycomo in Branson, Mo. This is a catch and release, articifial bait only trout tournament. Participants will be required to declare whether to fish in the trophy zone or not prior to leaving the dock. Each member of the two-person team will be able to weigh four trout. Please note that should you be weighing a brown trout it must be at least 20 inches. Most fishing teams will have their own boats, but boats may be rented from Lilley's Landing at the cost and discretion of the fishing team. All Missouri Game and Fish laws will be enforced and a team will be disqualified if a member is cited for a violation. Weigh-in begins at 3 p.m., and teams must present fish when the team name is called. More specific rules may be provided at the tournament site.


silhouette of trap shooterSporting Clays

Two-person sporting clays at Bass Pro Shops Shooting Academy, 2 p.m.

The sporting clays tournament will be located at the Bass Pro Shops Shooting Academy in Ridgedale, Mo. Each team member will shoot 8 targets from 12 stations and four at the 13th station for a total of 100 targets. Teams will be paired and will score one another. Officials will be available for challenged shots.  It will be up to each team to provide a recorded video of each challenged shot for the official to make a ruling. Otherwise, challenged shots will be alternated between “hit” and “missed” targets, starting with hit targets first. It is understood that each team member will bring their own gun and shells. However, guns and ammo will be able for rent and purchase at the Shooting Academy. Should you rent a gun, it is recommended to make a reservation prior to arrival. More specific rules may be provided at the tournament site.

archery sillhouetteArchery

Two-person competition located at the South Campus of North Arkansas College, 2 p.m.

The archery tournament will be an outdoor event at the Bill Baker Amphitheatre on the South Campus of North Arkansas College. Depending on weather conditions, it may be moved indoors. Each team member will bring their own bow and arrows. Optics will not be permitted with crossbows. Shooting distances will be from 20 and 40 meters, and another undisclosed distance. One five-point bonus shot will be available from an undisclosed distance. There will be a practice session from each distance (with the exception of the bonus shot). Each team member will shoot three rounds of five arrows (total of 15 arrows) from each distance. Bows and arrows will be available should your team not bring their own and will be determined by lot. More specific rules may be provided at the tournament site.

bowling sillhouetteBowling

Fishing, trap shooting and archery teams come together to form a six-person bowling team, Cottonwood Bowl in Harrison, 7 p.m.

Each team will have up to six members per team. The team members bowling must have participated in one of the fishing, shooting clays or archery events. Each member will bowl two games and the point totals will be accumulated for each of the six members for the two games. Each member may be bring their own ball and shoes, subject to approval of bowling alley. The points for the bowling tournament will carry a 15-percent bonus compared to the other three events.


Point Distribution by Event