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About BIT  |   Reporting  |  Identifying at Risk Students 
All employees should consider it their responsibility to report concerning behaviors for the safety and well-being of the student and campus community.  All reports should be made to BIT and the Vice President of Student Services.  Information reports should be reported to BIT via the Student Concern form (preferred method of reporting) or 870-391-3204.  Include as much detail as possible.

To contact BIT staff call 870-391-3204 during regular business hours. After hours, refer to the BIT webpage at www.northark.edu/services/bit.aspx .Emergencies should ALWAYS be reported to 911.

All reports must include the name and contact information of the person making the report. Your information will be confidential, but is essential to the process.

BIT is not a crisis response team. BIT acts in a proactive manner to assist identified students and acts to prevent violence on campus.

BIT Actions

BIT will review the Student Concern Form and determine actions consistent with Northark policies.

The review process may include:
  •  Contacting individuals who report issues to let them know the report has been received.
  • Clarification of the details of the incident.
  • Interviewing the involved parties.
Additional actions may include:
  • Referring student to the Vice President of Student Services.
  • Facilitating meetings between concerned parties.
  • Notifying parents, guardians, or next-of-kin or initiating the steps needed to place the student in the custody of an institution capable of dealing with the student’s needs.
  • Requesting psychological assessment.
  • Voluntary/involuntary removal from campus.
Student(s) demonstrating an imminent threat to harm should be referred immediately to the police department.

Follow-up actions may include:
  • Establishing return criteria.
  • Coordinating supportive services for a returning student.
  • Establishing a behavioral contract.
  • Confirming continuity of care.